Helly - The Final Mission


So here I am on this fantastic site feeling really motivated to get the final bit of weight off once and for all.

My buddies, CHEB and TPOTT are also on here and I wish them all the luck in the world getting to their final targets. I was with them this time last year when we all embarked on Lighter Life and then switched to Cambridge late last year.

My initial target - to fit into my wedding dress on Saturday when I will be renewing my wedding vows with DH. I would like to be able to breathe a little bit! It is a very fitted outfit anyway.

After that I just want to be about 10st7 to 10st10. That would be easy for me to maintain I think as long as I stabilize properly.

Well I am on day 2 of SS after my holiday and feeling good. The water is being glugged and I don't feel bloated anymore so thats good.

Bye for now
H:D ;) :D ;) :D ;)
My initial target - to fit into my wedding dress on Saturday when I will be renewing my wedding vows with DH.

How lovely :)
hi helen,

good luck for saturday. you will look lovely in that fitted dress

want to see pictures on thread next week

hope for good weather on sat. :) :) :) :) :)
Hi Helly
You will look stunning in your dress, I cant wait to see it!
Nikkie and I have decided to recreat the vicar of dibley with your choc fountain!

I'm really looking forward to Saturday, but I'm dreading sqweezing my ample body into my rather tight fitting dress! Yikes!
Oh well, too late to worry now! Will have to suck it all in and wear my M&S magic pants LOL.

Ive just sent you a PM... Please check it out.
Thanks for kind messages! Another busy day done and still being good. How are all of you doing? Are you glug, glugging away! CHEB, TPOTT, saw N***A tonight and she is starting CD tomorrow. She's coming tomorrow night so we must all give her our support and encouragement because I think she will find it seriously hard but we will get her there!

Much Love
Hi Helly
I'm just eating a bowl of cappucino goo! OOOH yummy! Have been very good and glugged 5 litres so far! Had a very wobbly moment when I was cooking dinner, but I didn't give in and I'm feeling very much better now!
I'm really looking forward to see you all tomorrow and I'm sure with our help our latest recruit will be fine!

Reckon this is my last but one mission!!! SSing til Fri, then back on next Monday all the way to 10st!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HELP ME:eek: So near and yet so far!

A local meet up has been talked about cos there are Eastbourne and Brighton folk who are keen to get together. I started a thread for people to add their preferences,please come it wuldn't be the same without you.

Any news from the intrepid

Just called R but phone switched off.
this time you will get there

Oh yes, you will get there. I am sure of it.

I haven't heard a sausage from the girlies but I am sure no news is good news!

Will look at your thread about meeting up. Sounds good!

See you tomorrow.

Good Morning Helley!
In just a few days you are gliding majestically down the aisle. You are going to look fantastic and you and Rob are going to have a wonderfull day surrounded by all those that love you! Its going to be fantastic!
Have a lovely day Helen and I will see you later!

Good Morning Helen!
Thankyou for such a lovely evening last night. I had a great time! It's always so nice to chill out with my wonderfull friends. I'm definately going to bring a very large jug with me on Saturday for the choccy fountain! I'm sooooo excited! I cant wait!
Have a lovely day


Hope you've had a good day off, what have you been up to? Jarrod would not go bowling without me, so I went along and tried to stay in the background, think it has helped him see her as friend rather than foe.

Just spotted a policeman in the pizza place, trousers firmly in place so I guess it wasn't somebody falling off the wagon:D
Yes a lovely and virtuous day!

Hi All,

A big round of applause please.............................
I sat in the pub with all my family for sisters birthday and while sat and tucked into carvery, I had.........................wait for it.................................absolutely nothing!

It was OK, it smelled fab but I got through it and now I feel great!

CHEB, I am glad all went well at bowling. Tell me all about it at yoga tomorrow. I am so looking forward to going back!​
Hope you got my new mobile no OK!

How's everyone else? A good day I hope. Spoke to N***a and she is doing OK today!

By the way, guess what Rachel did today! Not only does she have blue bits in her hair, she's had her nose pierced. Can you believe it? What am I going to do with her?

Oh well, you've got to love her!

Speak tomorrow.

Love ME
Hi Helen
I just wanted to wish you all the best for tomorrow! I cant wait to see how beautifull you will look in your wedding gown.
I on the other hand will probably be naked!