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Help - 2 weeks into LL and need HELP!!

Hi everybody.. Oh I need help! I've had a terrible 2 days feeling very low and depressed yet life is fab!! I keep crying, sitting alone and feeling like I wanna scream..I wanna eat everything I see? I dream that I have eaten and in my dream this makes me really ill... I then think I dont need lighter life cause I've had a great weight loss so far I can do it alone! Please somebody give me a BIG kick up the rear!!!!:mad:
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Fuzzys Angel

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Have a nice relaxing bath, whilst reading a good book or listening to music (that's what i do like when i'm feeling down)

Good luck honey......i'm sending you a great big group hug...:grouphugg:

Ahhh thanks Fuzzys Angel That made me feel better! Your right - a hot bubble bath solves many things - but you forget when your in a pickle! Thanks again :)
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remember that most of us on this board are doing what you are doing ....you are not alone xx

paint those toe nails !!!


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glad to hear you sounding chirpier :D

Being on abstinenace can be such a roller coaster ride, as we don't have food to numb our emotions, but instead have to deal with them instead of drowning them with food!!

a nice bubble bath sounds good tho,

keep on shaking :p


Nomad staying slim
Yes, you are defo not alone. I have been there myself - but please stick with it as it is so worth it. Think about your achievements so far and yes - do something for you "me time" I call it - to take your mind off the dark times. Paint your nails, listen to music, go for a walk, have coffee with a friend, buy something etc.

Remember eating will not make you feel better, and throwing away the 2 weeks progress (which is the hardest part of LL anyway the first 2 weeks) will add to any depression.

Big hug and remember that tomorrow is another day...

I feel on top of the world now and you have reminded me why I am doing this "FOR ME" not anybody else!..

You have all been a tower of strength and great support and I would like to thank you all for that. xxxxxxx:)

I rememeber feeling the same away about this time, and you wonder if you can really get through it! :sigh:

You Will, take one day at a time.

As well as a bath and nails that's been suggested, what about a nice read of a magazine to unwind further. I'll also add a face pack :princess:

just think of the weight you've lost :scale:



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Hi, glad to read that you're feeling better and brighter :) You are gonna get down days, to be honest we'd probably get down days even if we weren't doing LL. All the suggestions you've been given are about right, you need to find nice things to do to distract you and stop you thinking about it - pampering yourself, reading, knitting, listen to music, go for a walk ... these will all help you in times of stress ---- as will coming on here and posting and reading!

Stick with it :)



has started again!!
So glad you are feeling brighter now! I tend to go through emotional ups and downs on LL, and everything seems magnified doesnt it?

I too, take myself off for a bath, and pampering. I have even done some knitting (not since my 13 year old son was a baby!!) and I have bought a canvas and paint!!!!

Look after yourself, and remember each WI when those scales go down, thats its all so very worth it, and not forever either!!

Big hugs,

G: 12st0lb
I am also 2 weeks in to LL and I have been exactly the same as you , very emotional and wanting to eat, feeling snappy and questioning why I am doing this to my self. The weight loss is great but it dose seem like ages since we started dosent it? It was very hard over Easter and my birthday was Easter Sunday too, I felt very very deprived and low just like you, even cried opeing my birthday cards , so i think it must be just a phase that everyone goes through. If you listen to how motivated people still are months in it must get better! I have found much comfort in the fact that people are still strong well past the point were we are, so it IS ACHEIVABLE we can do it!
Love and hugs
(Happy Birthday HCW!!)

I find not looking too far ahead really helps, but looking back really does! I can't believe that I'm almost 2 months in - I really can't. No idea where the time has gone.
There are hurdles and low points and anger and panic and tears and tantrums....(maybe that's just me? :))
But the weight losses, the throwing out of clothes, the complete buzz from getting another week under your belt and the thrill of seeing the lb's drop is unbeatable!
I also found a huge gap in my life which of course has to be filled with *something* has forced me to do other stuff - and that's been really great. Also - no hangovers! I look 10 years younger :D
Good luck to all of the new starters x
Hey it does get easier honestly. After my third week I felt like a cloud had been literally lifted. I have more energy now and don't get as tempted by food anymore. The first three weeks I'd say are killers and you are nearly passed them so hang on in there and keep your mind fixed on your end goal.
Hey Heaven... It's just clicked!! It's you?? We are in the same group.. wow.. well yesterday was a bad day but today is a great day and I'm focused again.. thank you for your support and to everybody else too!

So are you taking part in the "Race for life"?

Look forward to hearing from you. S xxxx
G: 12st0lb
Hi there,

So glad, you found the site , it really is supportive and the people who use it are brilliant they will give you all the help you need , especially when you are low and feel like gving in.

Still cant put a face to you yet, but I'm sure I will tommorow night at weigh in.

Yes I'm doing Race for Life in June, hoping to have a lot less blubber to drag around the 5k course by then! I'm doing it with 3 friends of over 30 years. One of these friends, Sheila was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in August last year and she has been so brave and inspirational that we all felt we just had to do this along side her. My sister was diagnosed with Breast Cancer last month also and undergoes surgery on the 18th of April, so its a subject thats become very close to home lately. Its part of the reason I have at last decided to lose all my weight because health is not something you can take for granted, and we all all the power to conquer this demon weight, especially with the right diet and support and luckily we have both, so lets go for it!
Stay stong and see you at Weigh In Thursday.
Love C

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