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Help! 4 days into Cambridge SS+

Hey, Im new the the cambridge diet, and have been doing Sole Source plus for the last 4 days, im 5"11 so have been having 4 shakes/soups and 200ml skimmed milk. I was feeling ok yesterday after finding out I lost 4lbs already but im really struggling today, I really miss food and soo want to quit, but I know ill be disappointed If i do, can anyone help please? x
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Dieting Rambler

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the first few days is always hard, but it will get better! have you been drinking lots of water? Also are you really hungry or do you think you should be hungry? there is a difference as it is a case of breaking a habit.

I am sorry that you are struggling but it will get better and the results will be amazing!

Can you do something to take your mind off food, go for a walk, have a pampering bath with a facemask, play the arcarde games on here, look at the gallery photos on here, phone a friend and have a nice long chat.....write your christmas present shopping list....
Hi, thanks for your message, ive been drinking loads of water, but I think your right, Im not really hungry its more of a habit of not having it and missing it, im still cooking meals for my partner which makes me think I need it but Im sure its just boredom. Ill try what you said and go and get busy as when Im at work its so much easier. Ive just downed a pint of water which has helped, just need to get out of the frame of mind that I need the food. Im sure Ill be so disappointed if I gave up as I think this is the only thing thatll work. Im just frightened that I wont be able to stick it out for the full 12 weeks then itll pile back on :-S - think I need to make some mini goals! Thankyou x
Hang in there hun it will be so worth it, mini goals are a great way to keep you focused and motivated!


Serena A

Can't think of a title
Hi Louise, hang in there it is soooo worth it!

I know this won't address the issue of wanting to eat when not actually hungry, but is the other version of SS+ one you can consider doing? Or would a small meal every day be more difficult for you?
Hi Serena, originally I thought doing the 4 shakes and 200ml of milk would be easier as im so bad with food and I thought it would help break my bad habits but Im thinking that maybe if i switch i wont feel so deprived. Maybe when I go back to my CDC on Tuesday ill try to change over and do it that way, is it ok to switch after a week? I suppose its the same diet and same calories? Thanks x

Serena A

Can't think of a title
It's around the same calories - you have a 200cal meal which replaces the 4th pack and milk on the other version. I'm not a CDC but as far as I know you can switch week by week, it's just not recommended to switch between plans on a day-by-day basis.

Maybe once you get through your first week and see a good weight loss you won't feel the need to nibble. I know what you mean about needing to break bad habits but your primary reason for following CD is to get the weight off rather than retrain your brain which you can worry about in a few weeks once you've settled into the diet a bit? xx

Serena A

Can't think of a title
By the way I am not playing down the psychological side of things - it's very important - just don't feel as though you have to test yourself or tackle everything in one hit.

If you haven't already then take a look at Icemoose's weekly newsletters which are fantastic - he's lost loads with Cambridge and maintained for quite a while and really seems to know what makes "dieters" tick:

Mike Scott's No Willpower Required Newsletter

Hope this helps x
Hi Louise, honey, try to stick to it days 4-6 are really hard in my opinion but then it does get much better. What I have done is written a list of all of things I need to do (I'm a bit of a list maniac, sorry) and start on it, clean the grout in the bathroom, descale the taps, defrost the freezer, defuzz, paint your nails - I don't know what floats your boat (I was cleaning the loft out and painting the porch my first week). You won't have time to bless yourself but will end up feeling a real sense of achievement and hopefully the hours will have gone by and you won't have eaten,
How about making your goals even tighter, eg do one day rather than a week, doesn't matter if people think your mad.
Don't know if this will help, I'm sure others have different strategies. It doesn't always work for me (cos I wouldn't be back here again if it did) but you could give it a try

Dieting Rambler

Size 14 Here I Come!
make a list of jobs that you need to do - ironing, sorting out your wardrobe, cleaning out the kitchen cupboards etc....all those jobs you (well I do) put off...a real sense of achievement when you get them done...kills several birds with one stone, as you get a clean house, use up calories and forget about not eating:D

Dieting Rambler

Size 14 Here I Come!
:giggle:my mummy never told me about you:8855:
:) I shall def give that a try tomorrow, its the hardest at the weekend I think as im normally too busy at work to think about food, ive done myself a list for tomorrow, mainly cleaning to keep occupied for the day and forget about snacking. Feeling much more positive thanks to you guys, im looking forward to my weigh in on Tuesday as im sure thatll clinch the deal for me. Cheers all xx
your welcome Louise we all need each other,
I'm gonna go to bed now as I'm in the mood to slide off the wagon again and am not going to do it, I struggle with the water when I've worked the night before as getting up in the afternoon cuts the time down for water drinking but if I drink it too late I'll be up half the night piddling. TTFN :4635:
Hi All. Im new to this so, lets hope I get it right.

I started the Cambridge diet doing the SS plan. Stuck at it for 3 days which was hard, but nothing compared to day 4. I have been crying all day and even the thought of another shake or soup made me feel sick. So I cracked and had a meal for dinner. But it was a very low calorie meal (steamed salmon and salad, no dressings)

What do people think? Will I still be able to loose weight quickly doing it this way? Its like the SS+ plan, but im only going to have 2 shakes and a meal. Cant bare anymore. :confused:

hiya i know extacly how you feel and im only on day 1, i hate the taste of the soups, and drinks i can just about manage the choc flav, its awful an so difficult but if we really want to lose this i guess no one said it was gona be easy and we have to stick to it. but once achieved we will see food differently and never just shove food down but we will eat the correct portions and taste the food and enjoy it
I've been on sole source for 5 days now. The first 3 days were horrendous but I've been okay for the last couple of days (other than the kebab I am craving right now!)! Just stick with it! I almost caved in an hour ago but instead I weighed myself and realised that I've lost 10lb so far this week so I've decided that no way am I going to succumb to the kebab cravings and ruin all my hard work!

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