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help! advice needed!

im on day 5 of lipotrim and was happy as larry these past few days as id hit ketosis but Sat nite is takeaway night and so ive been struggling with my cravings all evening when I just thought about having to drink that chicken soup again and I gave in!:cry: I and cracked open one of those small tins of tuna and ate some :mad: im soooooo dissapointed with myself! ive only got a few more days til ive done a whole week! Have I knocked myself out of ketosis or am I ok? I know tuna is high protein and was in brine so if I dont cheat anymore will I be ok?
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HI hun - I dont start til Monday so have no idea but just wanted to say its done now and I'm sure if you stick to it now you'll be fine. Don't beat yourself up - its hard isn't it!!
(sorry I've no proper advice) , but I imagine I'm going to be exactly the same come next week.
cheers hun it does help hearing somone else say dont worry about it! Im telling myself forget about it but that pang of guilt is still there, but your right whats done is done and I need to just carry on as if it never happend! roll on weigh in day!


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Hi - just put it behind you and carry on as normal tomorrow - I'm sure you'll be ok - but just make sure you don't have anymore slipups or you will find it harder to stick to this diet.

Good luck with your WI on Monday.
Thanks claz ive calmed down abit now! And your right no more slip ups else I will get into the habit of wanting to eat again. Fingers crossed ive not caused to much damage!


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does anyone know how long it takes b4 your body is in ketosis????
I havint clue ..... lol

dont worry about it hun evry1 has a slip :) jus 4get it and dont dwell on it u will only annoy yerself :)
let us know how u get on .. at your weigh in hope ur doing well x
like everyone else has said dont worry about it , tuna will not have knocked you out of ketosis as there is no cars in it , although the brine contains salt so you may have a little water retention for a day or so , but you will still get a big weight loss . especially on your first week !!!
I am on CD now , and if i am feeling particually hungry I follow the SS+ rules they have , which is a plan you do with the 3 shakes and a small meal that will keep you in ketosis , so if you ever get desperate you can have a very small amount of chicken , white fish , quorn , cottage cheese or tuna in Spring water :)

Dont worry though .. just get back on track and look forward to your first weigh in :)
Thanks guys for all the supportive comments! I just checked on a ketostix and im still in ketosis! phew! Annie it took my about 4 days to get into ketosis but it is different for everyone, some people go into it quicker like after 2 days and some take 4-5 days, stick with it though as it does it easier as the days go by.
Thanks for the advice determinator, I currently in the fram of mind that after this first week im gonna switch to another diet that still keeps me in ketosis but where I can actually eat! I think if I stay on lipotrim I can see myself having a sneaky bit of tuna or chicken throughout the week so if im gonna do that then I might aswell save myself the expenese of lipotirm because I feel if your going to commit to lipotrim then you really shouldnt be having a cheeky snack here and there! so im gonna do my research and by Tuesday (which is my weigh in day) I will have decided on a different diet to follow, one which is high in protein and no or very little carbs. Im still just as determined to get this weight off just not as determined to do it with lipotrim!
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when you're in ketosis the body utilises any carbs that appear by refuelling your glycogen cells. In theory, you could have eaten a cream cake and not knocked yourself out of ketosis....though it's not a good idea as every body reacts differently!

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