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  1. jamhulio

    jamhulio Full Member

    Hi, am looking for any help and advice for my sis and I. We are both yo yo dieters who have been on WW and SW successfully and unsucessfully in the past. This time we are really struggling and its becoming a real problem, we're doing good for a while and then lapsing and its ended up with a cycle of gaining even more weight. We were thinkng about doing lighter life but have just found out that its £66 per week! We were wondering if CD is cheaper than this. We both have 3 stone + to lose and want to start this as soon as possible. Can anyone give advice as to how much diet costs and average weight loss expected. Many thanks xx
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  3. chrisfromengland

    chrisfromengland Full Member


    And welcome to the forum,

    I pay just over £35 for 21 sachets, that is 3 per day.

    I havent actually lost a lot of weight, but i don't need to, only wanted a stone and half off.

    But i have lost inches,

    I would have a read thorugh the board, and look at peoples signatures, and see the losses,

    i don't know anything about the LL diet, but i know that about 3 or 4 people have swapped and come over to cambridge over the past week or so.

    I would say go for it, especially if your going to do it with your sister.
    good luck with whatever you decided to do.
  4. ZoBo

    ZoBo Silver Member

    LL is £66 because of the added counselling. You go to a group session once a week for two hours & do lots of different things to change your relationship with food. Like thought records.
    Some people really need the counselling, others don't. So it totally depends on each individual.
    with CD you go to your counsellor once a week & she/he sees you for as long or as little as you need.
    My mum is on LL althought she is changing to CD as she doesn't feel the counselling is doing anything for her.

    Good luck on whatever you decide. I pay just over £35 a week for Cd. x
  5. saraian24

    saraian24 Gold Member

    I have heard that LL is very pricey cos of the councelling, but on cd i pay around 35 for 3 sachets a aday all week. Every CDC has different charges though.
  6. jamhulio

    jamhulio Full Member

    thanks, we definitely gonna give it a go xx
  7. ZoBo

    ZoBo Silver Member

    Good luck, it really is a fab diet & the losses alone are enough to keep you going. x
  8. Smudge321

    Smudge321 Full Member

    I pay £39.90 per week for my 21 items - thats a price of £1.90 no matter what I choose. I think some CDC will charge different prices for tetras and bars etc but the prices for the week seem to be £35 - £40 - billy bargain to lose weight lol :D

    First couple of days are not so easy but it does get a lot lot lot easier :)

    Good luck
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  9. wannabeskinny

    wannabeskinny Silver Member

    cd is the best ive lost over 2 stone in 7 weeks and not felt hungry or miserable also at £35 per week its cheaper than buying the food needed for ww or sw, go for it what have you got to lose other than weight x
  10. tara66

    tara66 Silver Member

    Another option if you have a pharmacy that does it is Lipotrim. That is a Total Food Replacement and at the majority of places is £36 per week. It is the same as CD/LL but you don't get any individual support apart from your weekly weigh in. I would imagine that a good CDC could make a big difference to you when struggling as they seem from on here to offer a lot of support.

    I'm on LT cos thats what I started with and the shakes are pretty limited and from what i have heard are not as nice as CD which suits me as I don't trust myself with anything to yummy at the moment.

    Whichever you choose I wish you both well, they are all hard at first but get a lot easier as you get into the swing of them and all of the sections on minimins are really lovely and friendly which is why I always nosey on CD threads and butt in now and again x
  11. Sarah_V

    Sarah_V Silver Member

    Hi Jamulio,

    I'm on CD and loving it, I pay £36.00 a week for my 21 items and my CDC is lovely.

    I've been doing it for 6 weeks and lost 34lbs.. I am over the moon, it is life changing.

    Plus this site is amazing, everyone here is so friendly and I really believe I have stuck at it so long because of the support on here.

    Good luck, let us know what you decide.

    Sarah x

    week 1 lost 8lb
    week 2 lost 5lb
    week 3 lost 7lb
    week 4 lost 8lb
    week 5 lost 2lb AAM+TOTM
    week 6 lost 4lb
  12. shazzy

    shazzy Full Member

    Hi Jumolio,
    I am on day 4 of CD SS that is 3 shakes or soups a day and so far it is Ok, I wont lie it has been strange because i would be eating all day usually without even realising so the no food is a big change. I am getting there and the support and friendship on here is great. I would say go for it and it is not for ever and you will see such quick results that you will be stones lighter very soon.
    Good luck and keep coming back here for support and guidance.

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