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HELP - all day meeting + team outing

I'll be in all day meeting tomorrow, with sandwich / oily nibble buffet lunch. No idea how to get by tomorrow!

I'll make sure I have a bag of apples + other fruits with me... but apart from that, what's the least syn-ful? (there's no fridge so I can't really bring a lunch box... also, it'd look rather strange if everyone else munch on sandwiches / fatty nibble provided while I munch on my lunch box) HELP!

that's to be followed by a team outing... going to a bowling lane, with fish and chips / other deep fat fried stuff. how can I sneak out to grab something healthy to line my stomach?

I do like the occasional syn... but on something I like and not sandwiches with fattening filings / fatty nibbles / fish and chips from a bowling lane! HELP :cry:
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You don't say if you are following EE/Red/Green. Tomorrow I'd be inclined to go for a Red or Green day that way you can have two hexb's.

I'd have a large free breakfast, say rice with fruit, polenta porridge, eggs with quorn sausage or something simlar.

I'd take Alpen bars (2 = 1 hexb) to snack on, I'd also have a wholemeal sandwich, if there is one, the meal out will be tricky, I'd just do the best you can, you're going to have to use some syns on tea & perhaps you may want to have weekly syns so you can have more syns tomorrow.

Just do your best & don't worry about it;)
thanks for your suggestion, happy holidays! (what a nice name :))

I've been on SW for 4 weeks and I've always been on EE, but it sounds like I should look into doing Red / Green for the extra HeB! (so I can have bread as well as alpen light bars)

I've never done Red / Green before, for EE I need to ensure 1/3 of my plate is superfree, do I have to do the same for Red / Green?


(and well done for meeting target!! you must be so pleased!)
thanks for letting me know - and its not too late :) I now don't have to worry about not eating enough superfree food. Actually I had 4 bananas and 4 apples in my bag with me today, so far had 2 apples and 1 banana!
It's been a really tiring day, so after the team meeting I decided not to go bowling. (I'm never a big fan of bowling anyway!) Also, by not going I'm probably consuming less syns too, as there will be drinks as well as fish and chips (was planning to eat the fish without the batter, but I'd rather not tempt myself)

Actually it hasn't been too tricky today!! Thanks Michelle for the tips :)

I was going to do a RED day, but actually it looks like it can be counted as EE as well as I really haven't had too many healthy extras!!

Breakfast: bacon + broccoli bake

Snack: apple + banana + alpen light (50% of HeB)

3 chicken skewers (didn't look too fattening!)
2 small thai-style fish cakes (again didn't taste too oily / don't think there's a huge amount of flour there)
a small cheese and ham sandwich (altogether made up of half a slice of brown bread, possibly some butter in the sandwich. I suppose cheese can be counted as HeA, and half a piece of bread is 50% of HeB)

pre dinner snack:
strawberries + banana + activia fat free yogurt
small portion of bacon + broccoli bake (I was hungry and hubby's not back from work yet!)

planning to have some chicken with rice. <--- that's why I wanted this to be EE rather than Red... as rice has to be counted as syn if I do Red :p
Seems as if you did really well. Congratulations!

Did you really have broccoli for breakfast? Yuk!! That's taking 1/3 superfree a bit toooooooo far!!!! :)

I added some broccoli to the bake! (actually the fish bake tastes nicer with peppers!)

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