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help and support


is getting better at it
do your nearest and dearest help and support you in your weight loss??

mine dont, i get no help whats so ever and when i gain weight one week they moan.
the only support i get is from this site and my weekly weigh in
how do you cope with it and manage or am i the only one
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Oh hun, thats not good :( Does your partner not tell you how well your doing and good your looking? Maybe you should talk to them and say that you really need their support to inspire you further.

Dont ever let someone get you down. You have done so well so far, dont give up.

Mine eats what I eat for dinner, only because he doesnt have a choice, but then he will eat what he wants through out the rest of the day.


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H iKaz,
Well that simply is not good enough for them to be so negative-not to mention unkind and completly mean!!!! excuse the rant! You need all of the support you can get-and they need to give it. Can you talk to them and tell them how you feel about this? Big hug Tracey x


is getting better at it
im not down about it i have got used to it now, they know i am trying to diet and all goes well for a couple of weeks then in comes the chocolate and all my weakness foods.

now as my working hours have changed 12pm - 12am i am trying to take my days food to work with me so i dont have to rely on anybody else


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Luckily my Mum is really supportive - she'll cook my meals for me etc. but I can see it in her eyes a look of "we've done this all before" and I get the same vibe from my friends, luckily I'm a rebel so if they think I can't do it, it surps me on even more.

I know it can be really hard with no support, but don't forget you've got everyone here, and at your class. Try telling them if they can't say anything nice don't say anything at all! And try and imagine the looks on their faces when you hit target, look fabulous and they have to swallow their words!

Good luck hun xxx


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Support forums like this exist because unless you're in this situation, i.e. needing to lose weight and all the emotional baggage that inevitably goes with that, another person may not truly understand what it is like to go through it, and what a big deal even the smallest losses and gains really are to the person that is going through it. Some partners/family/friends pay lip service just because they realise that it's important to you, even if they don't really understand it, and often that's as good as it gets. Some people are luckier than that and have people who are genuinely pleased and supportive of your quest. However, there are those who just really don't get it, and really just don't understand how defeating they are by not taking the interest that you need, or being supportive of you whether you're up or down, as it's a rollercoast ride when you're on a weight loss journey. Some people might make innocent little jokes or jibes that they mean with good humour as it's the only thing they can think to do, without truly realising the hurt or frustration they may be causing.

I think the most important thing is that YOU are aware of what you're going though and why. It really doesn't matter what anyone else thinks as this journey is for you and your own health and wellbeing. You can get a lot more support than people that are going it alone, just by being on this forum where you can talk freely about your feelings and get feedback from people that are going through the same thing as you... and that puts you in a stronger position than some!

You've taken a brave decision to face a big weight loss journey as it will change your life in so many ways, and that's as scary as it is exciting. Well done you on being so brave! Keep going, don't let anyone get in your way of doing this!


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I did speak to my DH beforehand. He was supportive sort off, but i needed more. and to be fair i have done quite a few different classes and now he is great. i even said that i was going to do SW on my own and save the money but he told me to keep going.
but he does sometimes offer me food that i shouldnt have. (naughty man).
Kaz, Im 'kinda' in the same boat as you...
my daughter is only 9 so isnt interested in 'anything' Mummy does...lol... but..
My OH is one of these people who can eat what he wants when he wants and never gains a pound...
I do all the cooking, he hasnt cooked me a meal EVER... so he gets what Im cooking for myself. He likes it all though and would never criticise my cooking (or else he will starve lol).... but if I make a SW meal, its usually BIG, with masses of veg... I can see him looking at the veg and I know what hes thinking.... hes thinking is she really going to eat all that veg.???
Then later if I go and have my Alpen bars or a mullerlight with fruit I can see him looking and he has that look on his face, like is she eating again.???
He brings kebabs, pizza etc into the house too, and he knows they are my favourites. :cry:
He believes that if you want to get slimmer, you simply stop eating....
like that would EVER happen with me. :p


is getting better at it
my other half does not believe in dieting even tho he could do with losing a stone or ten lol.
he used to cook the evening meals as i worked during the day but not any more so i can sort myself out now.
must admit i still have my chicken kebab but only the meat and salad these days and not the pitta bread and chips ( icould not believe how many syns in pitta was wellgutted).


is getting better at it
Basic/Non Branded Foods Doner kebab, chicken, meat only, average small kebab

Original 5 Syns
Green 10½ Syns

Basic/Non Branded Foods Doner kebab, chicken, meat only, average large kebab

Original 7½ Syns
Green 15½ Syns

Basic/Non Branded Foods Doner kebab, lamb, meat only, average small kebab

Original 8 Syns
Green 16 Syns

Basic/Non Branded Foods Doner kebab, lamb, meat only, average large kebab
Original 12½ Syns
Green 24½ Syns
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