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HELP..any CDC's about or those in 'the know'


I am having a crisis here at the moment can anyone please help? I have emailed my cdc at work but not sure when she will be able to get back to me.

I have either a very bad urine infection or kidney stones so need some anti-biotics and may need to go for a scan over the next few days.They did a dip test and said my ketones were far too high even when I said I am on this diet and she said I need to eat somthing for that and also for the anti-bs.

What would be the best thing to do,I am due AAMW as of next Wednesday,would it be wise to have it this week instead of next

Arghhhh can't believe this,mI am in such a panic

sonya x
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I ain't a CDC but if you are going to be taking anti-b's you should probably bring on your AAM... with some anti-b's you need to eat with and some you don't!!

Don't panic it will all work out for you!!

Well done on your fab weight loss so far!!


Gen xx


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Not a cdc but i would go with medical advice and bring aam forward a week. Be sensible, stick to what you are allowed and you shouldnt do any damage.


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im not a CDC either but i blipped last week and my CDC has said that i ought to bring AAM forward to help me get back into ketosis and keep on track.

im sure it makes perfect sense to bring it forward for the anti biotics and doesnt matter if its week 3, 4 or 5.

if u have too much ketones, r u drinking enuff water each day?


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Hi sonya

I'd bring your AAM forward for sure. If your ketones were showing really high, make sure you are drinking plenty of water. This might help to 'dilute' - will probably even help with your infection as the extra water will help keep flushing everything out :eek: :D

Depending on what your doctor says, you may even be better stepping up to the 790 plan ( still 3 shakes and protein/veg meal - check your yellow book for quantities) while you are on the antibiotics.

One of my ladies recently had similar problems, her doctor wanted her to step up to a much higher plan, and while she still followed the plan, even though she was on more calories, she still lost weight, a little slower, but once she was better (which was our main aim - I always like a healthy customer :rolleyes: ) she 'stepped' back down to Sole source and carried on doing wonderfully!

The main thing is to stay in control and on plan - whichever step you need. Its not an excuse to jump off the wagon!!!

Hope you feel better soon, and that I didnt waffle on too much as I usually do :eek:

Take care


Bring forward AAM and do for a couple of days then switch to 790 whilst you are on the antibiotics.

You should also check this out with your GP, if it is kidney infection a VLCD could be too much stress on your kidneys and 790 is still a VLCD and are therefore still in ketosis although in a milder form.

It may be your GP will advise 1000 during the duration of the infection/taking antibiotics.

Ensure your fluid intake is maintained.

Hope you feel better soon.



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Great advice from linda. Hoping you are feeling better now?? I had kidney infection and stones years ago and it was soooo painful.

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