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Help! Day 4 on attack and gained 5 pounds!!!!

Im so annoyed I've actually gained weight, please tell me what ive been doing wrong I eat crab sticks, 0% fat total greek yogurt with sweetner and vanilla extract, quark, one egg a day, a few slices of ham on some days, plain chicken or tuna or prawns for lunch. Diet coke.

Also must note that previous to this diet I was on lipotrim meal replacement and lost 1 stone 5 pounds.
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Have you been having your oatbran and water? And have you been for your 20 min walk every day?
The only other thing I can think of is is it your totm?? That can make you retain water and weigh heavier.


Just keep swimming...
How disappointing for you. Could you give us a little more information?

Could you input your weight statistics so we can see how much you have to lose?

How many crab sticks are you eating? They should be limited to 8 per day as they contain sugar.

Ham shouldn't be eaten really as it contains high salt levels, and if it is prepackaged probably contains sugar too.

How much are you drinking?

Are you eating enough? You really need to be eating a lot of protein on Attack to kick you into ketosis.

As tsmith says, it could be down to water retention due to totm or other factors. It could also be the transition from leaving lipotrim and starting a new way of eating. Our bodies are funny things, and react in strange ways to changes.

If you post your meals on the daily menus thread the wise owls on here should be able to give you very good advice.

Stick with it though. And once you get to the bottom of this gain, you are bound to see the weight dropping off.
Check your scales.

How old are they?
Are they mechanical or electronic?
Are they on a level hard surface?
Do you weigh yourself at exactly the same time every day, and only at that time?
Right...I have two sets of scales, electronic and manual and they both read the same and I weigh myself all through the day :/

I could be eating too many crab sticks perhaps

Here is yesterdays menu:

breakfast: oatbran porridge

lunch: king prawns and 4 crab sticks with tobassco sauce and one vanilla 0% fat activia yogurt

snacks: total fat free yogurt with vanilla and sweetner, diet coke, crab sticks- dont usually count them as I didnt think there were restrictions on this diet?
4 small slices of ham

I think my totm isnt till next week, it could possibly be that?
1 - only weigh yourself once a day (my weight can alter by as much as 4 lbs from morning to evening)

2 - TOTM weight gain usually begins 8-10 days before your period, and reverses about 2 days later
Did you have anything for dinner lala? It could be that you're not eating enough. From your menu it looks like you aren't getting enough protein from your meal times. Sorry if i've missed this somewhere but do you only eat fish?
Seconding willbefabulous - that is not a lot of protein, you are not really eating all that much. Crab sticks are limited, but prawns, other fish, chicken and fresh beef are not.

If I weigh myself at 6.30am the scales read 155lbs.
If I weigh myself at 10pm, just before I go to bed, the scales read 159 lbs.

That's perfectly normal, it's not weight gain, it's just one days worth of chicken, coffee, yogurt and water, which will keep my body through the day and night, and tomorrow I know it will be gone and the scales will read 155 again - or lower.

So never weigh yourself more than once a day, always at the same time.
Agree with previous posters, I weigh myself only in the mornings, it really changes a lot during the day..
Also, it might be your previous diet too, your body might be in shock and adjusting, just go with the plan and you'll start losing..
I mostly eat just fish, is that wrong willbefabulous? I know variety is better but I can't have red meat and not a fan of chicken lately.


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A quick note: Flavoured Activia are a no-no, they do contain sugar.

Fish - great, eat as much as you like, I know I have at least tripled my fish intake since switching to Dukan.

And yes crab sticks and ham - watch/limit those: sugar in the former and salt in the latter....

It might just be 'one of those things' (esp post-Lipotrim!) - please stick with it, it *will* work.
This is *real food* so if you're coming straight from Lipotrim I'd say that's what it is! Stick with it, increase your protein, increase your water and give it a week and weigh again x I'm sure once your body gets used to proper food the losing will resume! :) Best of luck!


Just keep swimming...
This is *real food* so if you're coming straight from Lipotrim I'd say that's what it is! Stick with it, increase your protein, increase your water and give it a week and weigh again x I'm sure once your body gets used to proper food the losing will resume! :) Best of luck!
That's what I was thinking (at 4am this morning, whilst trying to get to sleep :rolleyes:). Have you come straight from Lipotrim to Dukan? Is this the first 'solid' food you have eaten in a while? That could be the reason. Transit issues also.
Thanks for all your helpful comments. I did the lipotrim refeed for a week before I did the dukan so I had to gradually introduce foods again. Im guessing it could be a mixture of getting used to 'real' food, too many crab sticks, activia yogurts and totm coming up. I really hope so anyway because I'd hate for all my hard work on lipotrim to go down the drain!!
Don't let yourself get disheartened Lala, everyone here has had blips and times of confusion where they didn't quite know why the hard work wasn't paying off but if the reason isn't what you're eating and you're sticking to the diet, drinking your water, eating your oatbran then IT WILL COME OFF! Just stick with it and keep motivated! You'll be back on here next week posting your amazing losses :) x Stay positive and stay excited!
Could you fill in your statistics? Will help people be more accurate with their guidance. Did you go to the official Dukan website and get your attack length from them?


Dukan Ancestor!!
Ive done 7 days on the attack phase and still not lost a single pound, shall I go onto the cruise phase or still at attack till I lose something?
If you've done 7 days then switch to cruise now regardless - your body will thank you for it! Of course if you have been to the official site and it said do more (I kind of doubt it would do that though) then try and persevere.
Hi, I didnt go by the official guidelines for the attack phase I just was silly and thought Id lose more this way. Il start on the cruise tomorrow then. Iv input my statistics..I think? I hope they are correct

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