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1 first lost 3 stones on dukan about 4 years ago . 2 kids later it's all back on and then some. I've been very into periods of whole 30 and clean eating . (except when I'm not and then it's a proper sugar binge) . I don't lose weight on whole 30 anymore and my weight is getting a bit scary around 12st on a 5.2" frame . So back to what I know worked for me.

Attack Day 1.

Breakfast:- Cooked chicken and a fat free vanilla yoghurt

Snack: turkey slices

Lunch: Prawns and Quark

Snack: fish sticks

Dinner: haddock fillet, 2 eggs , 1 1/2 tablespoon of oat bran and a glug of quark made into a fritta type thing , couldn't eat it all so leftovers for breakfast.

Drinks : loads of water, 1 cup of tea, 2 diet cokes

I ate quite a lot but coming off a bad month of eating loads so didn't want a proper system shock.

Off to do about 15 minutes set of yoga and walked around the supermarket . Will work on upping the excercise too.
I am starting Dukan again in desperation as I know I will lose quickly as I did 4 years ago. Nice to find someone else rebooting too! Let me know how you are doing this time round. :)