HELP,Day 7 and gained a pound, why?

Hi, Im on day 7, and have gained a pound since yesterday :eek:, why is that?

Also, were can I get the psyllian husk (sp?) from, is there a good website?

They say dulcolax is the best/only one to use, what are the side effects of it, do you get colic/craping with it?

Thanks for your help

Bm2lm xx
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Lovin it !!! :)
dont panic ! you will not have gained a pound in a day if you are on ss. Our scales vary so much, mine in fact can weigh me up to 7 pound different from morning till night. The best policy is to try and avoid hopping on and off our scales (hard i know) but to just have our wekkly weigh with cdc. It is the only way to have an accurate result.
Carry on with the good work and I am sure that when you see your cdc you will have a pleasing result.


Hi there,

I use dulcolax from time to time and they are very effective but if you take 2 then u will suffer from cramps, they are dangerous to take by that i mean" u need to run to the loo" other than that if you time it to take them at night u wake up in the morning and u need to go.

Good luck!!