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Help deciding on WW - just been on Lipotrim

Hi everyone

Wonder if anyone could help me please. I have been on Lipotrim for 10 days and lost 14lbs, which obviously i am more than happy about, but it has started to make me feel really ill. So with my families advice i have decided to come off it. Now i still need to lose a fantastic amount of weight but cant decide between WW and SW???? help... does anyone have experience of both and which would you recommend. I am determined I will lose my weight but its which plan to follow.

Help me please.

Trish x
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The Weight Loss Monster
Hiya Trish
I'm currently at WW's and loving it. I went to SW for about three weeks but I wasn't a fan. I think it was more to do with my local leader than the diet.
I find WW really easy to follow. Their point system is idiot proof (I should know lol) and I've found it by far the easiest diet I've ever done... And I've done every diet out there.
Not only does it give you support from other members but if your leader is anything like mine youhave someone to off load all your worries about dieting on. My leader has completely changed my view on absolutely all the old diet myths.You can keep a track of the points you use on their web site and see a graph of your weight loss, measurements etc.
I can't say enough positive things about Weight Watchers. I think I've found the diet that I'm quite happy to stick to for the rest of my life... And if you knew how fickle I was, that comment would amaze you! :)
Good luck with whatever you choose. The fact you're on here just shows how determined you are.
All the best
I'm a ww fan as well found sw a bit of a mix up i'd kid myself about the amount of meat I could have on a green day & found i was eating more than i needed with the points they are worked out on weight age,sex and activities much more sensible i feel as someone who weights 15stone will need more than someone of 8stone & as you lose the weight the points go down so your body can readjust to the lower food intake nice & slowly
But it's all about choosing what works best for you
Good luck with whatever route you choose

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