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Help desperately needed!! What to eat at an Indian restaurant?


I can if I think I can.
Work function that I must attend.

Can only bring myself to eat veggies - long traumatic story of a bad meat experience whilst in India. ( I break out in a cold sweat just thinking of it!) :sick0019:

Possibilities and description from restaurant menu. Will ask for very little oil.........so not Dukan friendly......:confused:

Sag panir - spinach cooked with homemade cottage cheese
Vegetable Balti - Fresh selection of vegetables cooked with ginger, green herbs and tomatoes

Any tips or suggestions would be really appreciated ......but no meat or fish please really couldn't stomach it ........:p
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** Chief WITCH **
I honestly couldn't help you there... but, as someone who had a fabulous (posh) trip to Delhi, I'm intrigued as what happened to you (well I can imagine the result but I wondered where you'd bought whatever you ate! I was soooo scared of the food there but was fine!)
I second the sag paneer - the extra protein in the paneer tilts the scales in that direction.

But to be honest, this sounds such an ordeal, (and I completely understand why the very thought of eating a food that made you so sick is distressing to you - I still can't look a smoked haddock in the eye after a dodgy kedgeree cancelled Christmas one year!) that I would be tempted to call in sick on the day, claiming that you feel "nauseous". It's not really a lie, is it?
I would say the sag paneer as well. My indian neighbours used to cook this (she even made her own cottage cheese - show off!) and invite us round... very nice if not too much oil :)


I can if I think I can.
Thanks for all the replies - I think the sag paneer may be the best bet too.

Atropos - can't cry off - been recently promoted and looks bad if management doesn't attend work functions :(

Joanne - it was a restaurant in an "off the tourist trail" place called Bijapur. I had mostly fab food in India but I could only bring myself to eat veggie after my "experience". I loved India though! Amazing place that words can't describe.


I can if I think I can.
In the end .......

Starter - small salad of iceberg lettuce, cucumber, tomato and carrot(no dressing)

Main - sag paneer (plenty of spinach, not too much cottage cheese, I asked for it to be cooked in as low fat way as possible, no visible oil but no doubt plenty of cream. No poppadoms, rice or naan passed these lips. :angel09:

Dessert - black coffee

Hopefully not too bad and had a great night's craic.:)Xx
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** Chief WITCH **
Well done you! (Hope you had plenty to eat beforehand!)

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