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HELP!!! Dont think I'm......

You need to drink the minimum of 2.5 litres of water either as plain water or black tea or coffee or you will become dehydrated and start to retain water...
Hence yes it could affect your weightloss and make you poorly too!!

Make sure you are drinking the minimum

When we eat normal food we get fluid from everything... obviously when we have CD the only water we get is from the tap.

Don't forget if you have a bar, you need an extra glass on top of your daily amount to make up what you lose by not having a shake with water xx


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i'm not on the bars yet only my 1st week - i'm trying so hard to drink more but i've never been a big drinker and i'm really struggling


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Its not that bad once your body adjusts. I never drank water before, and really struggled the first week. I just permentantly have a .75 litre sports bottle with me during the day, and a pint glass at the side of me each night, which helps me keep track of what I have drank. I also found it easier to manage if I let it warm up a bit rather than drink it straight from the fridge. I also read somewhere that apart from our bodies needing this amount of water to stay healthy if we are well hydrated there is less chance of sagging skin, I don't know whether it is true or not but it is enough to keep me glugging.
I just put this in another post, but someone wjo lost 12 stone on cd advised me to fill some 500ml water bottles with water and just have one with me all the time...

I fill them the night before and glug as soon as I get up... you do get used to it... I can't drink huge amounts like some on here but always make sure I have the minimum....
You will get used to it.. jsut make sure you have a bottle in your hand or by your side all the time.. every time you see it, have a drink!!

I have mine at room temp too.. much easier to drink..



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you'll be ok :) you just need some helpful habits which will make it easier...

maybe one or two of these will help:

-little sips all day long.. no need for gulping lots down at once

-keep a little water bottle with you, in your bag, by your bed, on your desk, in the living room... lots of little bottles that you can have a little sip from as you are going along

-are you on SS or SS+? there's mint tea, green tea, camomile, or other leaf teas (no fruit teas), but giving some of these a try might interest you.. you might even like hot water.. I do :)

-I tend to mix my CDs with more water than it suggests.. possibly naughty of me, but I prefer the taste and texture, and means I'm already getting more fluid, but thinking of it as more food :D

..any of those ideas help? Can you think of others??

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i dont drink tap water cos i dont like it, ppl try to tell me it tastes the same but it just doesnt, i didnt used to notice before CD as i used to use squash so now i drink 2 2L bottles during the day, if im out and about i always put a 500ml bottle in my bag too... an expensive habit but well worth it!!
Actually tap water tastes nothing like bottle water.. I am so with you!! Our water is hyperchorinated and I will not drink it.

We all drink bottled and at just over a pound for a five litre bottle which i decant into smaller bottles I think its very worth it!
I always look at the sodium content on bottles though as some bottled waters do have a lot of salt!



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I mix'n'match water for a bit of variety, and some just seem to disappear quicker then others.. I buy bottled too.. And drink tap, but as my food and pub bill has gone to zero, and my CD is half of the old food bill (and a 10th of the old pub bill! Haha), I can afford to treat myself to a variety of yummy still and bubbly waters.. (plus more skin creams, the occasional massage, and more entertainment and fun things)

I think the variety in waters helps a lot.. sometimes I fancy a carbonated highland spring water, sometimes I fancy a buxton still water... :)



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has any one got the water flavourings!? Which is best? X


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i'm only on week one so not allowed as yet but gonna try the orange one


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I agree tap tastes nothing like bottled, I actually prefer our tap water, but then I'm in Scotland and we have quite soft water.

The only bottled I can drink is Volvic or a scottish one, the Evian makes me gag for some reason.


Remember you are allowed fizzy water (12p for a bottle of the value stuff always goes down well)