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Help fallen off the wagon today!

It starts...as ever on a diet with making a mistake and going over ur syn allowence and then i put my hands in the air and think " well when in rome" i must be now on atleast 50 syns *shakes head* Weigh in is Tuesday, u think if i draw a line in the sand and go back to 15 it will be ok or should i not have ne syns atall till weigh in
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I count my syns over the week, starting with 105 the morning after WI. That way you can still have a 'naughty' day and go out, just make sure you don't go over the weekly amount. I'd cut right back on the syns til WI day.
Me too I count my syns over the week & yesterday I have 50.5 but I'm not too worried about it I've still got enough for a small glass of wine in the evenings until WI. It's the same every week & I'm losing weight.

Count how many syns you've had over the week & you may be pleasantly surprised to find you've still got some left :D
I also count my syns as 105 and then use them when I want rather than sticking to 15 a day. I agree, count how many you've had and you may be surprised. Near the end of last week I wasn't going to count how many I had had because I thought I'd gone way over but decided to, and then nearly fell off my chair in shock when I realised I'd gone over by 4 syns. I didn't have any the next day and then weighed the day after that and lost 4lb's.


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I would look at the weeks syns. If you have over indulged be kind to yourself and draw a line now. I wouldnt drop below 5 syns a day cos would be too much pressure and I would just over do it again.

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