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Help! Feeling crappy and blaaaaah...

know how that feels - that was me last wednesday - felt like there was no point in anything and that everything in life was poo.

I've been on LT more or less the same time and think i felt that way because my first week was fine so it was a delayed reaction.

I still ping pong from feeling absolutely great and thinking i can stay on LT til Christmas and lose all the weight I need to, to feeling like if I don't eat something, I might as well end it all (ok bit dramatic!).

Just take each day as it comes and know that this too will come to pass!
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Im feeling terrible today too. Ive forgotten how much these diets play with your emotions. Hang in there hun, we can all get through this. x
hang in there tomorrow is a new day and everything will look different
I hate those bad days but they get fewer I have noticed my moods are awfull since I started LT I have turned into a dog
Hey babe, we all have days like that. Have a relaxing bath and go to bed with a good book (or a good man!!!!! Lol!)

Hope you feel better soon.

aww bless... hang in there, the weigh in tommorrow will inspire you!..dont worry too much...just take one day at a time...
I have become pretty boring on this diet, the main thing I have noticed is that I have so many early nights, as I cant nibble on anything!..lol...

I am still waiting for this apparant lift you get when your in ketosis...I dont feel any different??? And I am fully in ketosis, with the ketostix test strip on the deepest purple...?..

So think we are all gonna have the odd off days hun!:(


a new way of living!
I had a pants day too, felt a bit low today. think it was eating the other day, and putting on 1.5lbs from it!

hot bath, hot drink, hot man. ;)

i have a flu bug hun and feel like crap tbh we all have it in my house. stay strong and hope you feel better soon xxxxxxx

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