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    Lighter Life
    I really need to sort myself out -am finiding it so hard to stick to. Some of you may know I lost 3st 9lbs back in September taking me from 14st 6lbs to an amazing 10st 11lbs, I felt fab. I looked great, was get compliments left, right and centre and now i've gone an ruined it. I did managment for about 3 or 4 weeks and then decided to start munching like I did before LL - actually that's a lie, I full on pigged out. I wouldn't eat just one custurd cream, I would eat the whole pack. Followed by big bags of crisps, chocolate bars. You name it, I'd eat it. This is making me so sad to type.
    So between November and now I've been trying to get back into it but cannot!
    I thought to myself 'Get Christmas out the way then crack back on it!'.
    So back I went, shamed to hear I'd piled on 2st 9lbs - nope not a mistype, I went back on up to 13st 6lbs!
    Week one weigh in - I lost 7lbs, week two, minus another 4lbs and I have my next weigh in this Thursday. I'd like to sit here and say i'm dedicated but I really am not - can honestly say that durring my two weeks back I have cheated. Quite abit. I don't want you all to think 'Why's she complaining?' - the reason is I know that this is going to catch up with me, probably this week! I really really want to get back into it properly, no cheating. Like I did back in the summer. But I can't!
    I really need some help to get motivated - ANYTHING you have to say would be so grately appreciated. I am now 12st 9lbs and want to get to 10st 13lbs on just food packs, so that's 1st 10lbs to lose and I really want to achieve that by April..well March. But the way I'm going at the moment it is looking more and more less likely so any advice would be great.
    Thanks for taking the time to have a little read - poured my thoughts right out!
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  3. bekimo

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    Sorry to hear you're having a hard time. But well done for getting back to it. It would have been so easy to ignore it and get on with putting all of the weight you lost back on. But you haven't so you really need to congratulate yourself for that!

    I had a discussion with a lady who had returned to LL after she put alot of weigh back on. She didn't do the RTM programme!! She said that the second time round was far more difficult than it was the first time. Because it wasn't so new and exciting for her and that was what got her through the first time.

    I found many similarities in what she was saying to the difficulties I have in doing LL after my many lapses over Christmas. The fact is that it isn't easy to get back into.

    I find doing a diary helps because you do start thinking about your feelings and the thoughts behind your actions.

    B x
  4. Blonde Logic

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    Hi CC. I remember you. :) I am sorry you had a wobble and are struggling.

    Thing is - we can say a lot of things to motivate you, but the bottom line - it must come from deep within yourself.

    Do you know what drove you to eat the way you used to? I would start there, and see what lies beneath the surface.

    Then, you have to recall ALL the reasons why you chose this diet, and why you did it, and want to do it again.

    You CAN do it - you know you can, but there is obviously something still under the surface that is blocking/sabatoging you. Have you tried some thought records?

    You really just need to recapture ALL your focus and then some. And stick to it. It is only us that puts something in our mouths. No one else. SO if you really really want it - remember everytime you want to wobble, WHY you want it. And remember - it is a short term, temporary sacrifice without food.

    Don;t beat yourself up. Refocus, and then approach it with steely determination with a no-fail attitude.

    All good luck to you. Keep posting!! The support may help keep you on track.


    An after thought - I do recall you being very excited and anxious about RTM. Do you think you were pinning all your sites on the end, and maybe missing some of the work that needs to be done in the process? Perhaps not look so far ahead - just concentrate on the 'now' and work through it systematically? Just a thought. :)
  5. Sean(JSF)

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    Finished - Lighter Life
    OK, time for another much abused quote:

    A journey of a 1,000 miles
    starts with
    a broken fan-belt and a flat tyre!

    Maybe not the version you were thinking of but no less true than the original.

    We all know that life is a journey and LighterLife is no different. There will be problems along the way and issues that you need to face, but that's what happens. Do you give up every time someting is difficult? NO

    If you did then you wouldn't have achieved the many successes you have already had. I suggested on another thread to take 10 minutes in a quiet place on your own and list as many of the great things in you rlife that you can; also all the things you have a chieved to date (seriously ALL of them - 'n' exam passes at school, 'x' number of friends; family; personal health; home etc etc etc). Write them down and celebrate where you are TODAY.

    Take each day at a time. The end will come soon whether you focus on it or not, so don't bother. Enjoy the experience and when you need help we're here and your LLC is also on the end of the phone.

    Good luck.
  6. slendablenda

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    Hi CC

    I wasn't here before when you were posting, but sorry to hear you are struggling.
    I think you chat to Westie don't you?
    I'm sure she'll help you get back on track.
    What else is going on for you at the moment?
    Is there some emotional reason for you sabotaging yourself?
    Only YOU have the power and control over this. You can get there if you want to sufficiently.
    Have you spoken to your LLC/
    She always gives good advice.
    I'm sure she'll help you.
    Look at the before/after
    photos, they are inspirational.
    Also how about doing a mood/food diary
    to identify a pattern?'ll sort it.
    Good luck. xxxx
    I'm sure you
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