Help, first day on slimming world


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Hi guys,

This is my first day on slimming world and am already stuck on what to eat! Any suggestions would be very gratefully received .

My eating plan today is

Healthy extra a= skimmed milk

2 x Warburtons wholemeal toast with one tin of spaghetti

Baked pot, natural cottage cheese and green salad

2 tesco meat free BBQ squasages, mash and baked beans (think the sausages work out at 1.5 syns each).

Does this sound ok? Just not sure......
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What plan are you doing? Extra Easy, Green, red?

if its Extra Easy you need some superfree in your breakfast and dinner, but this could easily be a Green day as there's no meat (are you veggie?) in which case youve still got another HEXA and another HEXB to use up if you want.

Whether its Green or EE you still need to be eating plenty of superfree though, the only vegetable I can see all day is a bit of salad with your potato at lunch.

Dont forget to have at least 5 syns a day. Looks OK otherwise though, good luck! x :)

(Youve posted this in the Healthy Extras thread btw, so a mod may well move it shortly)


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this is where i was getting confused, in food diaries i was seeing people write Healthy extra A x2... what am i missing? i dont see how as i have the book! how many HE A & B can you have on Original, Green & Extra Easy? (my book is from, before EE so im rather confused about it!)


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On Extra Easy you get 1 A and 1 B. On Green and Red you get 2A and 2B.

However (and it depends how old your book is) - Red and Green when I first started doing it was 1A and 2B then.

Extra Easy means you can have the free stuff on red, the free stuff on green but you only get 1 HE A and B. However a third of each meal should be made of of superfree (basically fruit and veg that are not beans/ peas / potatoes/ parsnips).

Red - Mainly Meats / Fish but you can use HEB on brown pasta, potato portion etc
Green - Mainly pulses, potatoes and some veg (parsnips, peas, beans), pastas, rice, cous cous.

Personally I am an extra easy girl as I like to combine red and green foods in each meal.

Example of todays food:
B/F - Weetabix + Skimmed Milk
Lunch - Vegetable Tagine (sort of) - Peppers, Mushrooms, Carrots, Onions, Tomatoes served with plain cous cous.
Dinner - Cottage Pie and Veg (cottage pie will be Onions, Carrots, Celery and 2 oxo cubes) - then served with veg.

Syns will be a chocolate 2 finger kit kat (5.5) and some crisps i picked up which were 4 syns each.