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Help for weight loss


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Hi girls,

I was yesterday to get something from the pharmacy for my mum and I saw Alli on offer. I thought I should get one, it may help with my weight loss. but then I thought it is not a good idea and i checked Holland&Barret website for some naturals products.

One friend reccomended Nutritional Headquarters - Fat Metaboliser Tablets, I also saw Holland & Barrett - Cider Vinegar Tablets (300mg)which I heard long back from my mum that would help in weight loss.

I am just wondering if any of you ladies take any product of this type and if you would be happy to share that with me.

Thanks xoxo
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I dont take anything, I have thought about it many times. But this is generally when i'm not being good. When have a good few weeks I dont need them and to be honest I'm a little scared of all the different ones.

That doesnt help you - sorry
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A fe years ago I once tried some slimming pills but really did not like the way they made me feel.
They made me have no appetite at all & me feel like my heart was racing & I felt very odd lol.

The way I see it now is anything like that is un-natural and if they really did work then the world wouldnt have problems with overweight people & everyone would be slim ;)

I'd be very careful with something like Alli though, I have heard the horror stories such as "shi**ing oil" and not being able to make it to the loo in time lol! xxx


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I appreciate your reply Rebecca xx

MrsWilsoncroft, I heard bad stories about Alli as well. I was just wondering about the natural ones like from Holland&barret
with all of them it states you have to follow a diet and exercise, so if you did lose you would not know if they had worked!!!. I sometimes drink green tea as this is ment to help
Another here that has heard of the side effects of Alli and shall we say - not being in control - iykwim...

I tried adios years and years ago but it didnt seem to make the weight drop off any faster than dieting does anyway....


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Give it a try. And see what will be its effects. I am taking AcaiSlim and it's working perfectly well for me. No side effects or what not, but of course, different bodies have different reactions.
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I dont think I would bother trying to take anything to help the weight loss, at the end of the day if your in the right frame of mind and take in the right calories and exercise out the right calories then the weight will come off

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