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help! fresh start please read..

Hello lovely lipotrimmers,

I lost 16lbs in two weeks back in July with LT, only to put it all back on!

I've been trying calorie counting and slimming world but can't stick to it for long. I get sick of losing 2lbs then regaining a lb when i have 6 stone to lose:mad:

My only real concern is that i couldn't stand the flapjacks, soup or choc shake, so those two weeks i survived on strawberry and vanilla shakes...does anyone else only survive on the same thing?

Thanks guys xx

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Welcome back!

I think the great thing is that you KNOW how well LT works- and that should help motivate you through the tough first week.

The only shake I can handle is the chocolate one so I'm sure you can get by on only liking one or two- I guess it's all the better if you can have variety but you do get used to them after a bit.

Well done for coming back- It can be really disheartening on other diets when you lose only a pound or actually put weight on.

I'm sure that once you get back into it that 6 stone will soon be melting away!

Good luck

i only drink the strawberry one so two isnt dat bad. and the longer your on it you mite like others wen you taste buds change give it a go you mite as well

I only ever have chocolate, they're the only ones I can stomach, ultimately, they're not there to be enjoyed, so it doesn't bother me having the same thing all the time.

Good luck!! :)


irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Good luck on shifting that six stone. Stick with LT and this forum and you will suceed.
i only ever have the chocolate so it can be done. the trick i think is to not think of it as a meal - more like fat melting medicine or just nutrients that way you're not disappointed when you dont enjoy them! xx


♥3 Years Maintaining♥
I did 22 weeks last time and all but about 2 weeks of that i survived purely on the chocolate shake (i had the soup for once a day for 2 weeks but then got sick of it) and now im back on and again im just on the chocolate shake.

Stick to one/two you like and keep to them untill you find you really cant stand them anymore ... if it ever gets to that stage. Why change something that aint broke just so you feel like youre getting some variety? good luck chuck :)
What a shame it all went back on - did you do full refeed? I would advise sticking to it for longer than 2 weeks as you should get into better habits and really retrain your palate that way. hopefully :)

good luck. and 2 flavours is more variety than some have so i wouldn't worry!
for an alternative maybe try exante..i lost 70lbs last year and unfortunately a lot of that has gone back on..i started exante this week and its far better..a lot more choice and a better taste all round. it doesnt actually feel so much like a tfr as lt did.

obviously its up to you this is like a breath of fresh air compared to lt

h xx

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