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help, had balanced meal and still hungry

then I'd say you need to eat another allowable snack. Have you tried drinking more water Sam?
was drinking plenty of water, had the last of my snacks, well i kinda over done that. had slightly over half a cup of blue berries with some cream, and half a snack bar

went for an hours walk earlier think that made me hungier
Well, Sam I think if you are excercising, you are going to be that bit hungrier. Gimme 5 minutes to have a wee look to see what the guide says about when you're hungry and I'll get back to you.
ok. I checked the guide and the suggestions are
1. drink more water with your meals and snacks
2. increase theportions size of each meal and snack by 10% for a few days and then reduce it if you can.
3. ad a small hadnful of allowed nuts with a glass of water to each snack meal
4. cut allowed veg into sticks or chunkes and keep them in the fridge to munch on when you're hungry
5. add 5ml olive oil to your shake = this wil slow digestion and let you feel fuller for longer.

Hope this helps.
tried the water and its helping a touch, but i think i's more out of habit than any thing, not having shakes at night but starting to look at trying it see if it helps
My guess would be that you haven't been having enough to eat for your balanced meal..... the guide says your plate should be 1/4 meat and 3/4 veggies... would that be about right for what you had tonight?
Also I dont think one extra snack in one day is going to make a huge bit of difference to your overall weight loss in the week, I think the allowable snacks work out at 150 - 200 cals max which you more than worked off on your walk today.

As you said, it could also be habit, so stick it out and see how you go. x
on to another cup of coffee. seems to help might try drinking hot water.

weigh in on wed and going to gyms tomorrow to see which one is best value.......

were in NI are you
You already asked me Sam, I'm in Derry. I'm currently a member of Curves here. and I love it.
I admire anyone who can go to a "normal" gym.. I hate them with a passion... good luck with the hunt for a decent one though
ahh so i did..... short term memory loss.

went to curves loved it but never lost weight or inches. went to ladies workout express and the weight and inches fell off

one stone in a month

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