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Help I am back and I'm bored !!


I want to be fitter again
Hi everyone
I took summer off from here and off from weighing myself as I didn't want it to be an obsession for the rest of my life. I vaguely took myself of SW for about 6 weeks which I thoroughly enjoyed. Needless to say I am 2 lbs above the allowed amount for target variation and have been for about 3 weeks now. My problem is that having done this way off life for 18 months, I am bored with the food. Those of you who know me know that I can't have tomatoes of any description in the house as my daughter is allergic to them and dairy doesn't agree with her eczema so I limited with the sauces I can use. I have to limit myself to 5 syns a day or else the weight piles back on so I don't like using syns for my meals. Not sure where to go from here but I am oh so bored with reptition of the same things. i would love to have a bowl of different cereals or a couple of crumpets or breakfast. Sorry back and moaning not an attractive trait. . . . I'll keep quiet now lol Love to the oldies and the newbies too xx
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Hey, welcome back!

If you want to have those things, have them! Just syn them if they arent suitable to be hex'ed!

Also, how about trying to "slimming world" up other recipes - I like to do this, find a nice recipe that looks good, and then convert it to Slimming World - more often than not there is no discernable difference in taste.

Obviously with the extra considerations you have it must be harder but if you can find something interesting to focus on it should make it easier to slide back into staying on plan :)
Hiya hun,

I think everyone reaches the point where they are bored of the food on SW! I know I have. Why don't you try calorie counting that way you can have the foods you like but in moderation? Maybe it's time you tried something a little different, you might find it renews your love for SW and puts you back in the right frame of mind for it. Just a thought :)

Good luck x
hey Brightenrosie, good to see you back.

It must be hard when so many recipes are tomato based.

It does sound like it might be time for a change for you, if you are a bit bored of the plan. I know you did WW for a bit. But have you thought about trying Low GI. It is quite similar to slimming world, but I think you get some different choices and you might find the change just what you need.

Or like someone else mentioned you could try using fitness pal or similar and calorie counting, so you can have the cereals you are craving, although I would imagine the calorie counting might become a bit of a chore after a while.

Good luck whatever you decide to do. I know you can do it. I have faith ;)
hey gorgeous. Glad to see your keeping well. Dont worry about those pesky lbs.

You need to find somthing that suits you rosie, so you dont spend the rest of your life flitting to and fro. youl always fluctuate weight wise, so i wouldnt worry.. but you need to find somthing that works best.

Like you said before, maybe a few weeks on ww, then a few n sw will suit you best, choice and variety with results either way. big or small.

I've been doing SW for about 9 weeks now and DH is starting to complain about having the same things in the week, chilli, bolognese etc

I use a website called allrecipes.com that has loads of different things on there. You can search for recipes using the items in your cupboard which is really helpful.

I found some good ones this morning that should change things up at home and can be easily converted to SW.

So maybe a look around the net or a new recipe book might inspire you :)
Welcome back!

Maybe just look through the recipe pages and make the effort to cook something new each week. Or find a recipe elsewhere and calculate the syns.

I know what you mean, I get bored with SW sometimes too.

Jaylou has started a thread on HEXs, which has some ideas to vary our healthy extras a bit. Or try reading some other food diaries for inspiration?

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