Help! I dont get it!!!!!!!


I'm on day 6 of SS and got weighed today. Lost 6 lbs and 4 inches. Starting from tomorrow I'm doing SS+. I'm still not feeling great, today had headache from he'll when I woke up and have been bit dizzy and shaky today, so don't think I've hit ketosis yet!!

What I don't understand is.......... Is this it???????? :-0. What I mean by that is, until I reach my goal weight doing SS+, can I not go out and have a drink? I've got 20 friends coming round for a charity night I've organised in 2 weeks, when I'm making chilli and we're watching film and having some wine. Can I not join in with this?? Will it completely ruin everything I've done?? I'm not saying I want to go back to my old ways, I definitely don't!! But I do like to have a glass or two when I occasionally do get together with people.

I don't think I really understand the diet properly?!?
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This diet takes you away from food and you have set packs or a set small meal depending what plan you are on until u reach your target weight. Did your CDC not explain this when you met up with her? Now this diet can be for as long as you like after all this diet is a choice and a fast alternative to lose weight appose to conventional diets of losing 1lb to 2lb a week but being able to eat. It really depends how fast you would like to lose the weight, some people choose this diet because u see fast results some people like it because u dont have to plan meals etc. You could have your party and start again after it but it might knock you out of ketosis and you may even put on a little weight if your eating chili and drinking wine... but you have that choice. Maybe do a little research on this site and find out more about he diet if you dont understand it fully. Good luck with what ever you decide :) <3 xxx


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Basically for as long as you're doing this then yes this is it. Eating chilli is going to kick you right out of ketosis. Drinking alcohol when you're in ketosis can be very dangerous so alcohol is off limits too

It sounds like you definitely need to do some more research or speak to your CDC and decide if this diet is for you. Ultimately if you want the fast weight loss of a VLCD you have to sacrifice other things


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people can and do come off the diet for special occasions (they tend to be big things: weddings / xmas / birthdays, but the choice is yours)... but you should be aware that they often find it harder to come back to the diet after a break, and some people never manage. They say with this kind of diet, that the first time is the golden time: thereafter it becomes hard to refocus that single-minded determination you have the first time.

it's about weighing up the relative importance to you of the occasion and the diet. which should also include the fact that the important part of social stuff is the time you spend with the people, not the particular food and drink you consume.

I've stayed on my packs at weddings, all-night parties, on christmas day and NYE, and will be doing so on my birthday later this month. It can be done - it's up to you.