Help...i dont know whats going on??


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Hi All,

Today is day 13 on re-start for me and last week i lost 8lbs for first weight in which i was very pleased with. However, ive just jumped on the scales ready for tomorrows weigh in and ive not lost a single pound!!!! yes ive been an angel, but struggled a little to get my water intake. I have also had this awful bloatedness this week but im not having any difficulties going to the loo.

Can anyone tell me whats going on, im sure my counsellor will think im lying tomorrow when i jump on those scales and they dont budge!

Im really, really upset!
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If you are feeling bloated you may be retaining a little bit of water which will sort itself out. Losses can be very up and down with a big one followed by a sts but they will average out at a stone a month. Keep on going hun as the lbs will keep coming off.



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OMG porgeous you look amazing!! OMG cant believe thats you in your first pic!! Bloody well done!! <3

Hi July2010
Dont panic you might lose alot next week, your doing really well <3 xx


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No, your counsellor won't think you're lying, don't worry.

For a start, it's perfectly possible that a couple of pounds will fall off you overnight (it's happened to me lots of times). Or that your CDC's scales are different to yours.

But it's also quite common not to have a huge loss in week 2. It comes as quite a disappointment after the excitement of week 1, I know - but the truth is, the majority of those 8 pounds you lost last week were water, not fat. Maybe 2-3 pounds was fat.

Try to look at the bigger picture and divide pounds lost by the number of weeks you've been doing the diet. 4 pounds a week doesn't sound too bad, does it? And it might yet work out to be more than that.

Chin up - you're doing fab. Don't let what the scales say put you off!