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Help, I don't know whether to do CD - advice requested!


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I ran into my CDC today. We were talking about diets and she said she dropped 3 and a half stone in 3 months on Cambridge. Oh I so want that weight loss. I could be a size 12 for my new career start (and my impending divorce) in September - how fantastic would that be...

Basically after years of yo-yo dieting, and 2 months of switching diet more often than my knickers, I was all set for doing it myself - not counting anything, not restricting anything, but trying to address the mental stuff behind my eating issues, and moving more and eating less to lose weight gradually.

So I thought I'd write a list of pros and cons to convince me that going back to Cambridge was not a good idea. Sadly, it didn't work. Here's the list:

- Fab weight loss in no time at all :)
- I don't really struggle getting into ketosis
- I don't have any major plans over the next few months to interfere
- I could always do 810 some weeks so that I could eat with my children / if we were going out
- I could lose a stone by my eldest's birthday party in July, and be at a healthy BMI in August...how fab would that be...
- Although I've been unsuccessful at LL and CDC in the past, I haven't tried something like 810
- I can sort my head out after losing the weight

- I've tried LL once already this year, lost a stone in 2 weeks but fell off the wagon (although I've managed to keep 10lbs of that off)
- I've tried CDC before and as with LL didn't get past the first 2 weeks
- Whilst I don't really suffer going into ketosis, I've always felt cr*p during the second and third weeks - hence I quit
- I'm constantly tempted by different diets - I just can't make up my mind - I've tried 3 diets since April, none of which I've stuck to because the grass looks greener on another diet!
- I love exercise and I'm very active, I can't exercise to any great extent on CD, and I think one of the reasons I suffer is because I am so active and have 2 young kids to look after so can't rest if I need, and tend to rely on food as a stimulant.
- My memory of pain is very short, I'll probably get on CD and then a week later decide I can do it on my own...
- I'm not giving this "do it myself" approach a real chance, am I?

Oh, what to do! Until I wrote this out I was fairly sure that I would continue with the "do it myself" approach for at least another month to give it a good go. But looking at the pros and cons, I'm tempted to start CD. The rational side of me says stop looking at time as a factor, I've been dieting for nearly 20 years without success (or without long term, keep it off success), deal with the issues behind the weight now.

The other side of me wants to be thin, now.

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You sound just like me! Unfortunately i cannot give you any advice on that 1!! Sorry hun. x


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As you already know that you still feel crap 2or 3 weeks in, then why not set yourself a time frame...say 4 weeks to do CD and then see how you feel-it might make it easier if you have a date in mind.If you decide after that month to stick with it then great,if not you'll probably have lost over a stone anyway :) I've been trying to lose weight for 20 years....this is the only diet that works for me!


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Good luck with your choice, only you can make the decision to change.

I was very similar and in the end decided that if I didnt do it as I wasnt happy, then I would never do it and I didnt want to fail again and see the same faces doing the *shruggy eyes* and looking disappointed at me again.


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I think your head needs to be in the right place for any diet to succeed. CD is not a quick fix - yes, the results are amazing, but it's also a tough diet as you know and you need to be motivated and determined and know why you are doing it. And make sure this is the last time! That means working through all the steps, so you can build a better relationship with food and make sure you maintain.

I used CD as a chance to work on my binge-eat issues, and you seem interested in getting your head sorted too, so maybe if you think some more and decide whether you are able to give CD 100%, this could be THE time it really works for you. Good luck with whatever you decide!



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I've lost weight with calorie counting, CD then calorie counting again. Here's my opinion.

The pro's of CD is that it is fast (for most people) and you don't have to think what to eat as you have no choices. It is a real thrill losing so fast.

The con's of CD is that it is really hard at first and ruins your social life (if it revolves around drinking and eating). It is also very hard when you don't lose one week as you'll be certain you deserve to. It also doesn't teach you how to eat better...although the steps at the end can help.

The pro's of calorie counting is that you can eat what you like (within reason) and you learn to eat in a more balanced way - if you stick to it.

The cons are that the only thing stopping you eating more is your will power. On CD you lose (most) of your appetite. Calorie counting you don't. Also you don't lose as fast.

For me I prefer eating food and battling my will power. You may want fast losses and no choices in which case CD is for you. Neither is better - it is personal choice.

On top on that I truly recommend sorted out your head. I know I would never have lost over 7 stone without sorting out my issues as well. It take high self esteem to not use food as a punishment.

Hope this helps.


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Hmmm...a decision no one else can make for you. I can identify with how your brain is on diet decision overload...I've been there...it wears you out!!! But....Just imagine the peace of making a decision not to have to make so many decisions every day ..Just one big decision to do CD ...... followed by just three a day about which meal packs. My mind is so much quieter and peaceful these past few weeks and whilst I am no long termer untill now I have not been able to stick one day on a diet. Inbetween my occasional day with tempting food thoughts I have wonderful days of no hunger and no battle with food. I hope you find the right decision for you, sounds like loads of change in your life and maybe this is the time you can follow the Cd journey all the way. Best wishes.