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Help!! I dont want to be fat forever!!!

Hi everyone! I've been reading this forum for ages now and stealing ideas but have decided to post as I am doing sooooo rubbish! Rejoined a month ago and have only lost 4lbs, and now I've put some back on :cry:I've just booked my wedding for next year and I really need to lose my baby weight from a year ago!

Feel really fed up so thought I'd post my food diary and maybe you fab SW's could help and give me some inspiration x

I tend to do green days but am going to try EE with a HUGE emphasis on super free foods!

So today...

fruit salad, yoghurt

homemade SW burger 1x Brown Bread, salad, tomato sauce (2?) , philadelphia light, mushrooms and onions.

roast chicken, broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, couple of spoons of gravy, small yorkshire pud, roast potato. (8?)
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Well done for even losing the original 4lb. If you had not lost it, you would have been heavier than your first weigh in. Put it behind you now. I think the EE is the best!

I also think you should try more food with your burger - chop up some carrots into the shape of chips... Boil and fry light them... You have burgers and chips for lunch. I'd also try to eat some fruit between meals! Seems loads I know! I tend to get better results when I eat like this! Good luck :)

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Well went to weigh in and still 4lbs so not too bad!

Will def try to eat mroe fruit in between!

Today - fruit salad and FF yoghurt
crab stick salad, fruit salad, alpen bar
chicken and bacon, new potatoes, peas, cabbage.
chocolate cake! full syns!!
Make sure you are eating enough too! Well done on getting the 4lb back off :)

Today I had branflakes with skimmed milk. An apple. Muller light.

Pasta & bolognese mince.

More pasta & bolognese mince...

Muller light ice cream with raspberries.

Curly wurly & a pack of velvet crunch crisps. 11syns in total.

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haha I did the exact same think today - lasagne for lunch then just eaten another bowl full!! The joys of SW!!!

Right ....

Green day

cheese toastie A and B
Banana, melon.
Quorn lasagne, sw chips and salad, ff yoghurt(leftovers from last night)
More lasagne!
Moroccan beef stew (veg in it) with cous cous and roasted veg. another yoghurt and fruit salad no doubt!

eaten loads today but all pretty good stuff. :)
been away for the weekend, not too bad but we shall see on the scales tomorrow!

yogurt, alpen bar, peach.
alpen bar,
carvery - meat, veg, mash gravy and 1/2 y.pud!
pasta with quorn bolognese, cheese.