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Help..... I feel like quitting


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Hello everyone,

I have been following the Go Lower programme and doing ok, but the last week or so I have been ill, my taste buts have gone stupid and I have not been able to stomach the food at all, instead I have just been eating what I could when I could, comfort food with carbs mainly :(

I missed my weigh in yesterday, I didn't feel well enough so today I have had a shock, I have gained 5lbs!!!! :eek: :eek:

I was expecting a gain cause of eating carbs again but 5LBS!!! :cry:

Now I am in turmoil, I don't want to let all my hard work over the last 3 months slip, but if I'm honest I just feel like quitting :confused:

I need help..... a bit of advise or just a few kind words would really help me at the moment :wave_cry:

Thank You
Karen x
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Those 5lbs wont be a 'fat' gain hun - it'll be mostly water that the body needs to process the carbs ...

Hopefully you feel better soon & if you're still a little sickly - try & stay away from the carbs hun - cut down on those & when you're feeling tip top again - get straight back on your program ...you're in charge remember - dont let a bit of yukkiness undo all your hard work :)

Really hope you feel better soon ;)

debs xx


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Thanks Debs, I knew in my owm mind that it couldn't be fat gain but it is still a shock :eek:

My problem is if I keep plodding along I am ok but as soon as i "cheat" I find it sooo hard to get back on track, every day is an enthusiastic start but it always goes wrong, I'm sure a lot of people have the same problem :eek: it can't just be me!

Karen X
Hey chica! Whatever you do dont quit! Its just too easy to do so. Everyone has a slip up, but you have to want the weight loss bad enough.
Ive been sick during a diet, and I know. It sucks. All you want to eat is some moms home made food.
But dont let that ruin all your hard work and dedication.
Be strong!!


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Thanks Marina,

I am startig to feel a bit better today and a lot more positive, thanks for the support :D

I CAN do this.

Karen X

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