HELP - I feel starving - Any advice???


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I don't think the tuna salad will have done you any harm so you should still be in ketosis. If I were you I'd drink as much water as I could and still have my 3 packs. Better to have an extra pack than cheat. I have cheated all day - and boy, do I regret it. Please don't you go to bed crying like I will be x


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Mia's right, water, water, water. Eating on SS only makes you crave more food, thus prolonging the hunger ( AND don't I know it!!). Only abstinence gets you to the point where you no longer feel hungry, hence the term "Sole Source". You didn't make a bad choice under the circumstances, so well done, but next time, maybe take a tetra with you for difficult, hungry times!


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didn't want to tell people on diet
This is the dilemma facing me. I'm sure the people at my office must realize I'm on a diet by now. The thing is, I just don't want to talk about it with them.

No one knows what I have for lunch and know one asks. But an awayday is looming and things might be different.:(:(:(

As others have said drink lots of water. You're allowed to have leaf teas, so a warm drink of tea might help. I haven't tried the vegetable flavoring thing, perhaps someone can say - is it like soup? Perhaps having one a day might make you feel as if you are having an extra meal.:):):)


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Hi all

Thanks for the advice - I have just about managed to get thru today. I'm gonna be more focussed this week.



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