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Help I had 5 packs today by acccident, will it matter, what shall I do?

G: 12st0lb
hiya all
Well its official I am actually losing my mind. I forgot I had already had my 4th pack today and had another totalling 5!

As soon as Id eaten it I realised, what a scatter brain. :doh: Will it make a huge difference or not? Do I just have 3 tommorow and hope it all balances out in the end?Or do I still have my 4 tommorow and just put it down to experience and a very forgetfull brain. Has anyone else found they are forgettfull on this diet? I actaully forgot the name of a type of flower the other day (it was Lizzyanthus btw) and called my instructor at the Gym Ian when I know his name is Neil :eek: . Is it Ketosis or just being over 45?

Oh well , we will see.

Carole xxxx

Be interested to know from anyone else who has done it.
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Hiya Carole,
have your 4 packs today as usual, you could take out the packs you are having for the day and leave them to one side, then you'll see how many you've had, just remember where you put them lol :D :D :D oh and it won't make a huge difference so don't be worrying :p

Lol at you getting the names mixed up, think it's something we all do regardless of ketosis, maybe you're just more aware of it now?? Could be wrong tho lol

Have a good day


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LOL Carole, no I've not had the forgetfulness yet .... or I might have and just forgotten about it :)

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Din't worry about the 5 packs, I doubt it will make a huge difference to youe weight loss and you still will be having alot less calories & carbs than normal.

I have the opposite problem I struggle to eat all 4!!!!
G: 12st0lb
Hi Girls
thanks for the great advice, I will def get the packs out for the day in future, god, I will need a name and address label pinned on my T shirt when I go out soon!
love C xxxxx


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It will only matter if you allow it to mess with your head, Carole. Our mind is a complex creature, and guilt can be such a self-destructive emotion to have to deal with. How many times have been ruined a diet and binged and given up completely? For myself, countless in the past.

Thankfully, I am slowly learning to question these knee-jerk reactions to 'mistakes' like eating too much/wrong thing or whatever. But it is a long, slow process to change behaviours which are so engrained. At last I actually know how to deal with them.

It's funny how we can permit such a small lapse (one extra pack) to sabotage all our efforts. Don't let it Carole. Draw a line under it and forget it!

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