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Help - I maintained but did everything right!?

Hi all,

I am new to this forum, so please be nice to me! :)

I started SW over a month ago, losing 1lb roughly a week. However this week I maintained and I do not know why!? I have not cheated in any way?

My typical day is 2 weetabix with a tiny bit of skimmed milk for breakfast with a muller light. Lunch is a ham salad with fruit salad (kiwi, plums, apples). Then my typical main meal is two potato's chopped into SW chips with boiled cod and mushy peas. Or chicken curry with boiled rice.Maybe a curly wurly and a hot chocolate before bed (8 syns in all).

On a Saturday night I have been having a Chinese take away - hot and sour Soup and then chicken with oyster sauce and boiled rice... But this has not hindered my weight loss before? I calculate it at 10 syns?

The only thing I have changed is my breakfast at weekends - I have had 4 pieces of bacon, an omellette and baked beans and ham. But all this is free, right?

Also, last week I started exercising more... I did 20 mins on a cross trainer for 3 nights.

I feel disheartened for maintaining :-(

Although I know it is better than a gain :)

Any advice on what I could be doing wrong?
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synful soul
I just want to say :welcome2: and enjoy your time with us.We are a really nice bunch of folks who give support, encouragement, sympathy and help in huge dollops

For sure someone will help you.

Stick with it.............

hugs xxx


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Welcome to the forum!

Which plan are you on? If you're on extra easy then it doesn't look like you're having your 1/3 superfree with every meal.

Mostly, I'd just say hang in there, though! Sometimes we can do everything right and our body just doesn't co-operate - I'd expect you to have a good loss next week to make up for your STS this week!
Hello, and welcome.

i too am fairly new here, but not new to slimming world.
What you are eating seems to be right, but i'd definately lose one of your chocolate treats (either the curly wurly or the hot choc) to start with, especially if your having a takeaway at weekend.
i too choose boiled rice, but usually have stir fried veg rather than anything in a sauce for a takeaway, or a shashlick if we're having Indian.

Hot n sour soup is 5 syns, The chicken in oyster sauce is 4.5, so it isn't a bad choice.

your breakfast ingredients are indeed free, but it depends how you're cooking them. i dont add milk or butter to eggs when doing an omlette or scrambled. and are you cutting the fat off your bacon?

other than that you seem to be on the right track. just give it time i suppose.

good luck x
I dont think anything is too badly wrong with your choices, Gagalicious, and I dont think you need to change anything or drop your chocolate treats.

One thing I would do is weigh your takeaway portion, it can be that the portions from the takeaway are heavier than SW say they might be.

As Wizzardkel pointed out, your superfree could do with upping. There's no superfree with your weekend breakfast, for example - if you have your bacon as Wizzardkel said, and the ham is not a synnable type (check, because sometimes they are!), everything you are eating is "free" but none of it is "superfree" and the more of that you eat the better your losses will be. Add some tomatoes and mushrooms instead of the beans to your breakfast, maybe? Make sure you grill everything or cook it in frylight and that all visible fat is removed. Thats assuming you are doing extra easy. If you were doing red, then you would need to syn the baked beans if you were having more than 142g of them as a hex B (a standard tin is 400g, so thats about a third of a tin). But on extra easy you should be having 1/3 of your plate as "superfree" which is non starchy veg and pretty much all fruit.

It is perfectly normal from time to time to have a maintain or a gain. What your head wants is not necessarily what your body will do, just stick with it and your good work will pay off eventually.


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I find i have to vary up my food alot to get good losses. So there isn't a typical day for me anymore. I especially vary up my HEB's. This week i have had bread, hifi bars, all bran, weetabix, alpen lights - and i don't have them at the same time of day either. Keeps my body guessing.
I cook at least one new thing a week (parmesan chicken this week), again, keeps my body guessing & my mind working.

You do need to eat more superfree - mushy peas are not superfree so your typical dinner has no superfree at all.

Also couldn't see your HEA anywhere?

As MLM says, weigh your chinese - my chicken chow mein weighs 500grams not the 360grams of an average portion. If you are having your chinese on top of a curly wurly bar you are prob over synning that day.


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Welcome aboard Gagalicious!

Yes, some good advice already. Superfree food is the key and lots of it!

Also, make sure the bacon is lean or all the fat trimmed from it. Watch the sauces too. I am very suspicious - bordering on obsessed with making my own food as I simply do not believe the values of takeaways etc. I suspect sauces, dips, creams etc. are laden with evil. If I make my own, I know what goes into it.

On the plus side the cross-trainer (or cross-dresser as I used to call it) is a wicked piece of exercise kit. Gives a much better workout that a wii fit or similar.

If you are up for it, keep a diary of everything you eat and drink, pop it on here and the gang will keep you right and offer alternatives.

Thanks everyone ;-)

I might review my target weight... So don't worry about th
I will up my superfree and see how I get on. Any that are favourites amongst you guys?

Gem xXx

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