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Help- I need your advice


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Hi ladies :D

I'm going to be going to Turkey for a week in July and I was wondering what to do re the tablets. Would like to know what you would all do.

Would you:

A) take the tablets as usual and eat whatever was available.

B) take the tablets and eat as well as you can and don't take the tablets when you can't eat well.

C) leave the tablets at home for the week.

We are going all inclusive so I don't imagine I will have too much choice on what is available to eat, but I don't expect the food to be too tempting either lol. But I don't want to gain a lot of pounds after working so hard to get rid of them.
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I will do this...

This is what I would do. I would take the tablets with me. And then make the choice once I am there about whether I take them or not. I would try and take them as well as I can.

We went half board last year and the breakfast that I had the choice of was continental - and thinking back I would be able to have taken the tablets with the toast and jam, cornflakes and milk.

Also, thinking back there is quite a lot of grilled chicken and rice choices too so I would have been able to take the tablets then too.

So, yeah, take them with, eat as well as you can.

And have an absolutely AMAZING holiday - any room in your suitcase for a larger one getting smaller? xxx


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Thanks Jen.

Hey wouldn't this be amazing? We all lose loads of weight, look fantastic, and have a girlie holiday away next year :D

Imagine what we would save on sun tan lotion with only half our bodies to cover ?


I will do this...
Oh now that really is an amazing idea! I think that should be a plan for definite! Half the sun tan lotion - half the size of holiday clothes! :)

Now thats really something for motivation!

x Nee x

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Hey Karen,

I would defo take the tablets with you, and if you are a little naughty I would also still take them, regardless of side effects ;)

Either way, go on hol's and enjoy yourself, but keep on track as best you can, you will only be annoyed with yourself once your back if you went crazy when you were away



gunna be a fatty for ever
Yeah id do the same!! Take them regardless!! I do now if i get a little naughty!! Lol

have a fab holiday xxxxxxxxxxxxx


Bouncing back
Yeah, I'd take the tablets with me and take them as much as possible. I'd possibly avoid taking them in any guaranteed orange oil incidents - wouldn't want to be spending half my holiday on the loo!

Have a super dooper holiday!!!
I wouls deffo take the tablets with you and take them.
People do get tummy upsets in Turkey anyway so IF you did have a reaction it would be no different to someone having an upset tummy.
I think if I didnt take mine I would have even less restraint, wheras if you take it you will make the better choices.
Im sure whatever you decide you will have a fab time. x


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I too am off to Turkey on holiday, next Friday! I've decided that I'm leaving the tablets at home. I have no control over how the food I'm going to be eating is cooked, I don't want to spend my whole holiday being worried about side effects, I discussed this with the nurse at my last weigh in and she agreed with me. I'm going to still try and eat the healthy options though.
Hi there,

I'm just back from 2 weeks holiday in France and whilst it wasn't all inclusive I took my tablets religiously for the full 2 weeks and tried to make sure I didn't take anything that would set me off (if you know what I mean).

Don't get me wrong I wasn't 100% good with what I eat but at the same time I was sensible and always took my tablets.

Have a great time and just watch what your eating and if you have to resist temptation just take a small portion to take the edge of it.
Take them reguardless of what side effects you will get well thats my vite girlies xx
Thanks everyone :D

Going to take them with me and play it by ear I think.

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