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I am so so angry this AGM thingy is flaring up and I am so mad. I feel twisted inside and I really wanna stuff this awful feeling out of the way. I cannot beleive that a I society can treat voluteers in such a way. I wanna tell them to stuff there club, but then I will be admitting that I have done wrong.

I sometimes think that life was easy when you stuffed and stuffed and stuffed cause that what I feel like doing now.

The only thing is I know that it will only be a temporary reprieve and then tomorrow I will still feell annoyed and also feel guilty and a failure for cheating.

If anyone has the or day or so to read what is going on I could pm them, but it is technical.

Buz Buz Buz Buz I am so angry

Sorry for the rant, but I needed that.
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maybe my question will be daft due to being utterly knackered.. but that 'AGM thingy' ? .. i only understood that you wanna go binge but don't quite understand what triggered it.

yes, i don't wantch news (just in case)

Hey Lady - rant away hun - that's why we are here!
Siory you are having a bad day, but don't go on a binge because you will feel worse tomorrow. Try to do something relaxing - maybe a nice hot bath?
Rise above it as they say - you deserve better. XX :)
Ladylite.....your half way to reaching your goal :0) Stay strong, u've come this far
Hi ladylite, rant on and get it out, we dont mind....but step away from the cookie jar, you know you'll regret it tomorrow.

Sending you, love and hugs. :hug99::hug99::hug99:

PS These aren't vibes they are actually electric shocks been sent to those mean AGM bods. x:vibes::vibes::vibes:


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Lady, hope you're feeling better now ...... I know I'm late answering but please don't let these people who are putting you through hell have the satisfaction of having drove you to food - they are so not worth it (((((hugs)))))

Blonde Logic

Yes. You can.
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Exactly what Katy said - be strong Mrs....you know you can do it, and you know it you ate something it would only make you feel worse, and the same Sh*t with the AGM will still be there tomorrow!

You can do it!!!! <hugs> One day, all this AGM stuff will be behind you.....look after yourself hon.

I am so so so upstet, pleae hug me. i am sorrywithj the wine ha got to meand\i am sorrythati gave in.#
Pllleae help me i donet know wher eto turen.
Please help me i am so drunk, I have cheted but not with food w
:hug99:So sorry you're having a rough time of it. Try to take deep breaths and maybe go to bed and sleep it off. Things will be feel better in the morning. Sleep well. xx
Ladylite, put the wine down and go and get a pint of water, and then another. We are all here for you and you know deep down you dont want to sabotage all the good work you have done.

Dont let them get to you anymore than they already have. Take care and please go and drink loads of water and put the wine away. x x

Tons of hugs. x


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well I'm a newb to this forum , but to be honest lady, you have done so brilliantly so far, why waste it? It gets hard and you gave in- doesn't matter. S**t happens, it's not about giving in- to be honest if things get really really hard you are entitled to give in sometimes and just start stronger. Don't make a diet add even more to your worries, foe heaven's sake it's just a diet, it's not supposed to be meant as a torture. You will start tomorrow again, rethink your actions and try and make yourself more resistant to problems. I really don't know what to say but personally - when something in life goes terribly wrong, the fact that you drank something you shouldnt shouldn't be your major concern as it doesn't stop you in reaching your goal, and if it slows you down for couple of days- So What?

Just stay strong and don't let any *******s get to you and make you feel bad, you possibly achieved more than all of them all together!!
HI Dancing, I dont know everyone very well yet, but I'm sat up worried too. I have not long Pm'd Ladylite, so hope she responds to you as might not want to reply to me as i'm new...just was worried. x

Blonde Logic

Yes. You can.
S: 258lb C: 228lb G: 168lb BMI: 35.7 Loss: 30lb(11.63%)
Oy my LAdy. :( <<<<<Big hugs coming your way>>>>> It is OK that you had some wine last nite....and today is a new day. If it helped to ease your mind a bit from all your troubles, then it was worth it - and you pus on from today.

I hope you are feeling better - do let us know....you posted this after I went to bed, but as you can see, a lot of us are worried about you and care about you - so please come back on with the exuberance of LADY, that we know and love - and don't let those b*stards get you down!!!!

Will be looking out for you today, as best I can while at work.

Hugs to LL - some good advice here. Youare a strong person and are doing great and I know yu will continue until you get to goal. You deserve the body you want and you will get it!

Hello everyone,

So sorry for not answering sooner and I didnt eat, but as you probably guessed I did drink. I do know that this was not the answer and am suffering with a headache:sigh:.

After reading all your lovely posts I am humbled thank you all so much. I should of listened.

Regarding he AGM the have publicly put it on a website that we will all be removed from office on 29th March and wont be able to serve again indefineatly. It is a very daming post and that is what upset me. We are all going seek some sort of legal advice. Also the gov. body are not doing things the right way. We found out last night that they should have written complaints before they take action, but they have not had a single one in writing so they have just gone on hearsay.


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Sorry to hear about all the crap from the AGM LL, sometimes when I'm upset or stressed (with work especailly) I to turn to the wine it helps momenterally then the next day you feel the same but with the big head. Hope you get back on track and keep on postin, your the one that cheers the forum up so I hope we to can do the same for you today. Big hugs and hope you feel better by the end of today.
Hi Lola, Yes I have got a sore head:eek:

I am back on track 100% so far gluggling water more than ever. At least I cant remember much about last night so I dont have a guilty concience.

I know I've missed it all, but so sorry to hear it has got a bit a*se up at the moment and am so glad you kept posting.
You are always so encouraging and positive to everyone so a bit of a belated hug and glad to know you are back on the water and forum.
You are right Dancing there are other issues. One of the people on the committee making the decisions is an ex chairman of the Area so he had a grudge against us. Tecnically he should not of been on the committee as a Trustee as had a vested interested. We have written and told them this but they are taking no notice. It has come at the wrong time as the Main body has its AGM next weekend and the Chairman will change and so will some of the Trustees and I think they are trying to sweep it under the carpet. We are not worrying anymore, what will be will be and we have a feeling that the ex chairman has shot hiself in the foot. We are in a Win Win situation if we get thrown off we get our lives back, if we dont we have won.

This is the statement that peed me off yesterday, it sounds like we are criminals. If they had a full investigation they only asked us three questions and then made this decision, it is a real set up thats what is so annoying.

The XXX announces that it has given the Committee of Area 17 one months notice, with effect from 29th February 2008, of the termination of their NPS Area licence due to severe breaches of the Area Constitution.
The existing Committee and all its Members and Officers will be suspended from serving on an Area Committee indefinitely.
The licence will be awarded to XXXXXXXXXXwho is the Area President and she will convene a meeting to form a new Committee in due course.
The NPS regrets having to take this action but has held a full and comprehensive investigation following many complaints received. (they have not had one written complaint, whichs is the requirement for any complaint to be taken seriously.)

Can you believe it we are running a show for a members this weekend, we did think of cancelling it but decided to hold our heads up and go ahead, it isnt the members' fault. - Sorry if it bores you all.