Help! I want to eat something NOW!!!


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:( I'm on Day 8 and all I want to do is eat something.

I popped some baked potatoes in the oven before I went to pick the children up from school and when we got back the smell of the house was absolutely divine. I won't go into any more detail about what I put on their plates but it was killing me.

I reckon if I hadn't been on this diet I would have had a really good binge. In fact I binged as much as I could with as much as I had. I had a vegetable soup, a hot savoury water flavour, a hot clementine flavour and a peppermint tea all in the space of about 1/2 hour. That's called an LL binge!

I am hoping it won't put me out of Ketosis for some reason because I am going for my first weigh in tomorrow. My husband will be home soon so he'll have to cook for himself!

Wish me luck...
Aww hun its hard i know! BUT DONT EAT!
Think about how you will feel afterwards :(
Besides, you have a weigh in tomorrow to look forward to. Just keep your mind on that. You are a strong person you are already on day 8 :) Dont let food win this time babe, and im sure you will be posting on here 2moro with a great loss and you'll be so glad you didn't give in! :D

Take care hunni.
Montanna xxxx
Keep your chin up, you can do it ! It doesn't sound like your LL binge will do you any harm at all. Sometimes smells drive me mad too but remember that the smells are better most of the time than the reality of popping the food in your mouth. And much better than how you will feel an hour after giving in to food !

I actually aim to enjoy foodie smells and often smell food before my OH eats it. Weird I know !

Good luck for the weigh in !
I know I shouldn't and I won't! Thank you Montanna and Magickmel for reminding me about how I will feel afterwards. What is it about the smell of food. I also have to smell everything before I give it to the family, but up until today it has really satisfied me. I've got 1 more pack to have which I think I'll have soon and then go to bed.

Thank you for being out there!!
be strong in 2 hrs you will be in bed ..............and then you can jump out of bed onto those scales that keep going down xx
There's no calories in a sniff, Slinky. I do it all the time! Especially at Christmas when my son had a big carton on aero bubbles - oh heavenly. Garlic bread just out of the oven too. Oh stop it ....
This may be unwelcome advice, given that some of us LIKE torturing ourselves with smells lol!

I discovered by accident one evening when I felt sorry for my husband and went to the chip shop for him.....the smell was to die for and I soooo wanted to eat it, but I had chapped lips and I put on my lip balm. Its a fancy one in a little pot with vanilla in it, after that, try as I may I could not smell the fish/chips/vinegar at all! All I could smell was the vanilla lip balm.

Soooo if you think its going to be a problem... get yourself a strong smelling lip balm and it may just help!

Well done for not caving in and don't worry about your 'binge' you didn't have anything you weren't allowed there!

Glad you aren't giving in ! You will go to bed pleased with yourself rather than feeling a failure for mucking it up. Good for you !

Why do you feel like that ? Well some days are just harder than others. PMT days are bad for me, so are days when I am so cold and can't get warm. But is something emotional going on for you ? If I am tired, stressed, angry etc I get more cravings and in the past I would have just eaten non-stop. Hope I have broken the habit now though !
It was just by accident mine is vanilla, but I don't know if specifically vanilla is good for cravings, I seem to remember seeing something years ago about that but took no notice. Anyhow, if the other scents don't work, try vanilla although as long as its quite strong I think it will work anyway!

Yes I remember that Mags ! Smelling vanilla was reported as an appetite supressant. I remember buying a bottle of vanilla perfume from the Body Shop. It didn't work though but that was more to do with my head not being in the right place for it probably.
Mags that wasn't unwelcome at all. I know that if I serve anything up to the family I have a really good smell of it before hand. I have now bought a yummy vanilla lip salve and have enjoyed applying that. Don't know if it's for the right reasons yet though.
I managed to get through yesterday and gave up and just went to bed. Phew!
Today I went for my 2nd class and lost 5 1/2 lbs. I was a bit disapointed because the others lost 9lbs and 10lbs. I even went for a hike(!) on Sunday and my legs are still killing me. Never mind - had I been on another diet it would have taken me 2-3wks to loose 5 1/2.
congrats hun any loss is good & its going in the right direction, off not on
keep at it the benefits are SO worth it
:( Thanks alot Pandora - I need a bit of encouragement because I feel I deserved to loose more. If I've "only" lost 5 1/2lbs in first week it may be a hard slog.
Oh dear, I think it's about time I went to bed. I've never had so much sleep! :) Ohh I've just remembered I'm still got a hot chocolate to have - that'll perk me up. How could I forget?
I know how you feel i am on day? 11 and smells of everything drive me mad. What seems to work for me is over analysising the food. E.g. Baked pototoes: Carbs- plus, Bakedbeans - carbs plus, having to clean up what a palava,
LL shake -well shake and go.... Food is so over rated eat it then what.

hope this helps your well on your way...every minute your not eatting solids your losing weight.
Ahem.... (mags gets on soapbox again)

I've said it before and I am about to say it again!

We all forget how much a pound is on this diet, mesmerised with the idea of losing stones so quickly we really do forget! 5 and a half pounds is actually a LOTTA LOTTA weight! Go and weigh it in potatoes or sugar or something and you will see. Its LOADS!!!

This diet is absolutely crazy, some weeks you will lose lots, other weeks for no apparent reason you will lose little or none, but on the whole..... Most people (you included) will lose a stone within 3 weeks and a stone/month afterwards.

I lost 5 pounds my first week, was up to 13 pounds after week 3, eventually getting to 41 pounds, just short of 3 stone at the end of foundation. I maybe one of the slowest losers, many in my class lost more but I am so happy to have lost 3 stone! and to have done it in just over 100 days is something NO other diet can touch, so even if your losses seem slower than others, don't compare, it'll still be faster than anything else you could have done.

Oh and just to review....CONGRATULATION!! 5 AND 1/2 POUNDS IS A GREAT LOSS!!!

Mags (steps off soapbox lmao)

your just so insparational. You must make a fantastic friend.
Yeah, Mags I love you. Thank you for being great! You've given me great hope because you lost more in your second week. I thought it would be downhill from here.

And Slimslow you are so right food is overrated. All that clearing up afterwards!
Aww thanks!

You misunderstand a little though, I didn't lose more in week 2, I lost 5 in week one and then 4 in week 2 and 4 in week 3 bringing me to 13 pounds by 3 weeks. It then slowed to around 3 pounds a week just like they say is normal but it was always up and down. At one point for 3 weeks I was feeling down as I lost 2 then 1 then 2, then all of a sudden the next week I lost 5.

These diets really work and we have no control over how much we will actually lose. All that can be said is that if you stick to it you WILL lose lots of weight in a shorter time than anywhere else.

Keep it up girls (and boys)