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Help! I'm craving chocolate


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Hi, I cracked a few days ago, I ate like a troll and I regretted it STRAIGHT AWAY!

Not only do you have to go through the process of entering ketosis again, but the scales show an amazing gain of weight (water retention probably), but demoralising non the less... it simply isn't worth it, find something else to curb the craves, drink some water or eat something that won't throw you out of ketosis ^^


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Arrgh! I know what you mean Aaron. I know i'll regret it at soon as i've eaten some but it's hard you know.

I don't usually get cravings at all, so I think that's also why i'm finding it a bit more difficult.

I'm not giving in. I'm not, i'm not, I'm not!


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I don't have any low-carb sweets or Atkins bar. BUT I do have a diet coke machine in work....

*rushes off*


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It has! Thank you thank you!

How strange is that? Now if I think about chocolate, I don't want it. Weird! :confused:

I've not had a diet coke in a few weeks now as after reading Neris & Indias book, they say it's really bad and you should avoid it. They also said that most people who have a problem with their weight, drink it. I look at me and my mates and that's so true!
I resort to SF jelly and cream when I'm like that (every day) and it usually helps me :eek: xx


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I didn't think we could eat that though Caz?
From what I can gather, the Hartleys one you make up yourself is OK - it has none of the hidden carbs in that were mentioned in the link Jim sent me. Saying that I didn't lose any weight the fist week either but I don't think it's just down to that as I only had a couple or ten xx :D


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I like this information! :D I think I have some at home too...
I've just made some lemon and lime flavour but instead of topping it up with water I've done it with diet sprite - can't way to try it - fizzy jelly!!:)


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I don't think we can have them in induction Cheryl. No fruit is allowed
Have you got any diet coke? I've just poured myself a glass as I was wanting something sweet & it just takes the edge off... failing that you could always have some atkins bars or carb free sweets (don't listen Jim:)) for these times?
I agree, I do the same!!! Diet coke is wonderful when you're craving!

Don't give in to the temptation, I just went for a jog on the beach, came home and ate 2 chocolates from the milk tray box that my roomate left on the kitchen table!! I feel like crap now, I really do! It was so not worth it.

Keep up the good work! x


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Thanks Linger. The diet coke really has done the trick. I don't crave it at all now....

I'm going to buy another can from the machine now to take home with me, in case the craving comes back!

Oh and run on the beach? That sounds great! That would probably get my fat butt moving too!

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