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Help! Im new, 1st day and im not confident! :(

Hi there,

I have been reading this forum for quite a while now, and this morning was my 1st day on CD.

I had a Strawberry shake for brekkie, chocolate for lunch-mmm.. And have just poured down the sink a Oriental Chilli Soup :eek:(.. It was horrid and i have quite a few of them left, as im not seeing my CDC for 10 days.

I have drunk almost 12 pints of water today, but have had the niggiling feeling of hunger-that i know will pass all day.

So is that it then, because the soup was horrid, i just have to keep drinking my water until i go to bed-which at this rate will be very soon! lol

Any words of wisdom/motivation speeches would be appreciated!


Oh,by the way.Im Anna, 24,have a son of 20mths, live in Hampshire with my partner and would like to loose 2 stone.

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Oh no! Why not phone your CDC to see if you can see them in the interim to swap your shakes/soups over? Its not a weigh in just a wee swapsie.

And welcome! It really does work.


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anna welcome on board, the first week is hard i am not going to lie, are you only allowed 3 shakes i am allowed 4 if you need another one have it or else you will give up, my cdc has always said that to me. As for the rumble in the tummy are you drinking cold water from the fridge, I am in week 5 and all last week i kept getting it and couldnt understand why, until i was told it was because i was drinking my water ice cold and to drink it a little warmer, keep coming on hear we will keep you on track.
Thanks for you replies.

Im drinking water straight from the tap.

My CDC actually went to Egypt this morning, so pretty poor timing on my front i wish i had waited another week and started when she was back! Infact i wish i had never started! :( I feel like ive wasted my money as 2 out of the sachets ive had today were horrid! lol
Tomorrow i am going to attempt the muffin mix and as for the soup, i think i will pass on it!

Thanks Again



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Glad to hear your doing well and got through your first day!!! Sorry to hear your not keen on the soup!! I started with the soups too and bought a few and hated them so when I went back to my cdc got her to swap them for shakes..

Sounds like you are doing fab with the water, it will really help you on your cd journey....

Words of motivation, what I do is have a picture of myself where I want to be in the future, whether its looking slim in a dress or a cool pair of jeans or a bikini on the beach and if ever you feel like having a cheat just think about your picture and where you want to be..

I am on my 9th week tomorrow and have not had one cheat Im just having shakes and bars.. so if you really want to do it you can!!!

Stay motivated and you will see a great loss..

Good luck x


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Hi Anna. I'm Katie, 25 with a nearly 10 month old and 5 stone to lose. It's my 2nd day and like you i'm not too confident. I've found coming on here has helped though everyone's really supportive :)


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Hi Anna, This is my 2nd day too, I have 25 lbs to lose. I'm on sole source plus though as I didn't think I'd survive on just 3 cd meals. How the heck did you drink all that water? I manage 4 pints and then I'm struggling, water just makes me feel sick and bloated, plus I was up 5 times last night to the loo!
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Hi Anna and welcome to the world of Cambridge! I suppose I'm quite lucky in that I like all the soups, but then I am more of a savoury person than sweet. I add chilli flakes and cumin to my soups to give them a bit more of a 'bite', and lots of fresh herbs (parsley, chives, coriander). Others have said on these forums that they have had flavours they didn't like, then tried them again another time and quite liked them. Don't give up, and I agree with Lexie and curlywurly, give your CDC a call and hopefully you'll be able to sort something. Good luck hunnie, and keep coming onto these forums, for me they are a bloomin Godsend and you make lots of likeminded friends! <waves at hugy> xx

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