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Help-I'm new here


Loves the Nom Nom!!!
Address the issue of why you eat in the evening :)

I take it its boredom? Chop carrot sticks up or just do something productive!

Were all allowed to have a few blips, its all learning!:D


Loves the Nom Nom!!!
Its really common! Think we all do it :giggle: my worst day is sunday so now i save all my washing till sunday evening and do it all then!


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Play the games on here!
I recommend the loony tune mahjong. :D

Ha but what I do when i am really craving something usually when I'm home alone is make sure I save enough points in the evening. (not so easy sometimes being on 19points or if I have saved some through the week)

But when i do I get a WW pizza- make chips (9points) and then a WW chocolate bar (1.5points)
Then read a good book or watch a good film. Makes me feel like i'm having a takeaway and pudding but still in my points.


plodding away
I agree with what has been posted. I always save some points back for the evening as that is my weakest point in the day. You could make a low point dip with natural yogurt and whatever herbs and spices you like to have with the carrots. Lasts for a long time.

I've started a list of things to do when I get the urge to munch. I figured if I had this prepared in advance it takes the pressure off. Its got some obvious things like relax in a bubble bath - candle lit of course, manicure etc. has also got some not so obvious like sort out my photos, researching where i want to move to on line. Its a work in progress and am adding to it as I go. It really helps that at the dodgy moments I've got a list I can just look at for ideas.

If all else fails give yourself a good talking to! I do this too but have ignored myself too much in the past.


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if you like jelly, then get some sugar free stuff, zero points! :) that's what i snack on if i feel a little hungry :)

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