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Help - I'm new

Hi everyone
I've not started the CD yet but have made an appointment with a counsellor for next week. I've got a lot of weight to lose (7 stone) and need to lose some before May (40th birthday & going on hols abroad with skinny friend). I'm terrified at the thought of going from my current over eating to living on virtually nothing. How do people do it. Is there anything I can do to get my mind set in the right place? I really do feel desperate.
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Have you started to cut down your calories already? I was advised to do a 2 week prep where I gradually reduce what I was eating - cutting out the carbs as this is what you will probably struggle with.. then it isnt too much of a shock when you move onto SS. Do you have an idea of what plan you will follow?
thanks for the info. I've never done it before so don't know much. I spoke to the counsellor on the phone and I think I'm going to do sole source but she never said anything on the phone about cutting carbs first. Thanks for that tip and I'll try and start ASAP. How are you finding it?
You've done the hardest bit!

Hi, really the hardest bit is done! making the decision to do CD! Wants you start your 1st weigh in will get you so motivated! I am 1/2 way thru 2nd week and it's getting easier! I was gobsmacked when I lost 11lbs on my first weigh in! I had seen from here the fantastic weight losses and never imagined I could do it! So you can to, just think how good you will feel in May, good luck for next week!;)

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For me I have always plunged straight into CD, never reduced carbs prior. If I was capable of rationing my intake I wouldn't be doing CD in the first place, so to say reduce X & Y for however many days is not gonna happen. My advice to you as a first timer is... take this opportunity - everybody has a window and this is yours. The 1st time is by far the easiest and after a few days you won't feel hunger and will quite probably find the diet reasonably easy (I did First time)
I've never tried any other diet taht didn't make me hungry, which is why CD is the only diet I have ever had any real success with. Start now and by May, you will most likely me more than 3 stone lighter when you get into May.

Good luck x
It is tough but it is getting your head around not having food. I have been doing it for almost 8 weeks now and it does get easier as the days pass... I still do have moments of madness but I guess that is normal.
The flavours and choice in this diet is what works for me and although the first week will be really tough you will have such a good loss - that is motivating enough to keep going :)
Best of luck, shout if you need anything and let us know if you sign up :)

I also have 7 stone to lose and I am 40 in June.

This diet reduces your carb and calorie intake and you go into a state called ketosis. This burns up your fat reserves and also stops you feeling hungry. Once you are in ketosis the plan is relatively easy to stick to. Most people go into ketosis after 3-4 days. If you can cut down your carbs before hand you will find the transition much easier.

Another part of this diet that some people have trouble with is drinking the water. If you dont drink plain water its a good idea to get used to it before you start on the packs.

How about planning a last supper. Eat it and enjoy knowing that you wont be having it again for a while but you will be able to eat it again(after maintainence). Only the next time you will be 7 stone lighter.

Dont despair this diet works. If you do it properly you will lose 1stone a month. Another thing to keep in mind is you are choosing to do this diet. There is a fantastic post on here about the two kinds of people who do a VLCD. Those who see it as a chore something to be endured. And those who see it as a fantastic opportunity to lose weight and be healthy.

Good luck

thanks to everyone who replied. I'm actually quite looking forward to starting now although I know it's going to be hard. I think it's a really good idea for me to start trying to drink water. i don't mind it but I'm dreadful for not drinking and can go a full day without realising that I haven't drunk at all. Looks like I'm going to be making a few changes to the norm!!
Hi mariea,

Have you started yet? I also had 7 stone to lose and I started the diet on the 1st December and have already lost 50lbs so don't despair this diet definitely works!! just remember that drinking water is very very important, good luck xx


Taking one day at a time.
Mariea - Hope you are getting on ok. This is definitely the diet for you - I also have 7 stone to lose, and 2 weeks in, I'm 16lb down, and NOT HUNGRY!!
By the way...BEVY - amazing losses for just 9 weeks in! Well done you!
Lotty xx

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