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HELP i'm slipping

I would merely just start afresh today/tomorrow, and forget what has happened. You've done so well. Everyone is entitled a slip everynow and then!
Why do you think it could be the start of your demise. You have done really really well. Are you bored with the diet? Maybe try some new recipes.

Why not dig out an old photo and ask yourself if you really want to go back to that?


Never gets tired of SW!
Right then, let's nip this in the bud!!! Firstly, the fact that you say you're worried it's the 'start of your demise' seems to indicate that you were expecting it to happen at some point!! Why the negative thinking? Negative thoughts are ONLY destructive and a complete waste of time! We all have weeks where we want to eat all and sundry, and have cravings for junk food and the naughtier things, but this is OK, and I think it's a realistic part of life!! But it certainly doesn't mean that you've got to let it slip for good and undo all that brilliant work over the past 17 weeks!! In that time you've gained twice and STS once, which is FANTASTIC!! I don't think you should be so hard on yourself! My C said something to us in group that really stuck with me!! She said that if you were standing in a room surrounded by flowers and spotted one dead one, you wouldn't chuck them all out, you'd just pick the dead one and discard it!! I thought this was a really lovely way of thinking! What would the sense be in undoing our hard work and the healthier lifestyle we've established just because we're having a tricky and 'imperfect' week?! So why not try and be positive about the week by saying to yourself, 'I'm really struggling this week, I'm going to get it out of my system and have the treats I'm craving, then I'm going to knuckle down and get back on track because I want more than anything to reach my target but I'm only human and I've got to have treats too!' (or something like that!!LOL!) Do you keep a food diary? If not, maybe it's a good idea to get back into the habit to keep you focussed, even if it's just for a few weeks until you've got the bug again!! Good luck, and try and stay positive!!XXXXXX


Never gets tired of SW!
I was just thinking, you've lost a lot of weight in a short space of time!! Perhaps you've been a bit too strict with yourself and need to cut yourself a bit of slack and relax a little!! You've lost an average of 2lb per week! Why not aim to lower your average a little to 1 to 1.5 lb per week if it means you can have more treats that you fancy?! Perhaps it would be more sustainable long-term!XXXX
OK. Whats going on in your head thats making you lose focus? Cause thats where this battle is won and lost. Is there something in your life that has changed, are you feeling bored, under stress?

Lets see if we can work out why you are feeling this way, and then we can work out how to get that focus back.


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There is one thing that has changed and that is that my husband was made redundant about a month ago and his started up on his own, I didnt think it was bothering me but maybe it is......I also had a coil fitted a couple of weeks ago and have been a bit tearful (i'm crying while I write this) I have a wedding this Sat which I have got a new outfit for and cant wait to wear it as it's not my usual style, I keep telling myself to just let yourself have what you crave and then start again on WI day, but feel scared that I wont be able to start again although I want more than anything to slim!...... Thanks for replying everyone xxxx


Never gets tired of SW!
Sounds like the difficult things/changes going on in your life at the moment are casting a shadow over the positive changes you've been making by following SW!! Sometimes it's difficult to stay in control when your usual routine is thrown off kilter! Get it out of your system and make a commitment to yourself to get back on plan for YOU!!! Other things in your life maybe happening beyond your control, but SW is something that you CAN be in control of- this is one of the reasons I love it so much- it's so empowering to be in control of my eating habits (at last!!)XXXX


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You know funcurls you are soo right, there are some things I can do nothing about, but my weight isnt one of them, yes I am quite strict with myself as regards syns so perhaps i should allow myself a few more (most of the time i have none!) its my WI on wednesday so I will go and face the music and startall over again on Thursday......xx


Never gets tired of SW!
Yay, that's the spirit!! No need whatsoever to be so hard on yourself! The syns are there so we don't end up feeling deprived and pack it all in!! They're part of the grand plan that makes SW such an excellent weight loss plan!! Good luck hun!!!!X


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I agree with funcurls. You need to cut yourself some slack and concentrate on the positive. And I totally sympathise with the coil too - when I had my first one fitted I felt battered emotionally and couldn't tell you why. Mine wasn't one of the hormone ones either (not sure what type you have). It just felt like a total invasion of my body and it was so weird that a physical procedure like that could make me so teary.

Slimming World is all about control and it's scary when you come up against things you can't control. But you need to concentrate on what you are able to influence. The rest will sort itself out and you'll wonder what the fuss was about.

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