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Help...I'm SO DiZZY My HeAd Is SpInnIng !!

Hi Everyone :wavey:

Im on day 3 of SS+ (baby steps, taking one day at a time). I felt fine this morning but this afternoon, I am SO dizzy!! I stood up really quickly and saw stars :confused: I have been drinking my water :tear_drop: 3 or 4ltrs a day...is there anything I can do for the dizzyness??
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Just go slower than normal, day three seems to be the dizzy day, hope you feel ok soon x
Thanks Witchy, does this dizzy feeling go away after awhile? What can I expect on day 4 LOL. I will try take things slowly...not sure though with half term and trying to keep my two DS,4 & 9months entertained haha !!!

P.S. You have done really well with your weightloss xxx


Mad as a Hatter
still only on day 2 on my restart but feeling ok so far in fact very ok if you know what I mean - I'm waiting to feel really crap or something but nothing yet..

I think days 3 and 4 are the worst and then it gets better or so people tell me - only ever managed 5 days before... LOL


please try again
I stood up really quickly and saw stars :confused:
even people not on this diet, if you have lower end blood pressure standing up quickly can cause this

for me on or off this diet if my blood sugars dipping jumping up out a chair can cause my head to spin.

just remember to stand up a tad slower and make sure your packs are spread out and you'll be grand
I'm on day 3 tomorrow and I already feel slightly lightheaded! :S

Anyway hope ur dizziness goes away soon!! x
Thanks everyone for your kind advice. I popped into my CDC today, (she is only 5 mins walk from me) briefly to swope the soups for more shakes and she said I could be feeling headachy/dizzyness because my body is graving carbs. Yes Sumayyah I have low blood pressure anyway so that doesnt help along with running around after my 4 and 1 year old LOL. Madferret, Im hoping to get passed day FIVE LOL. WOW Mrs Essex you have done really well, what is your secret to keep you so motivated??
. WOW Mrs Essex you have done really well, what is your secret to keep you so motivated??
Mini rewards lol ... well thats 50% of it!!! short breaks away mainly ... for me it works :) plus my old size 12 wardrobe is waitiing for me to get back into i have some very very nice clothes!!!!! that i will NOT chuck out... most have stayed in fashion and i am nearly back into them

Keep going and hang in there this DOES i PROMISE get alot.....alot easier as the days go on xxxx
Hiya G/Girl
I'm another dizzy one, but my BP has always been at the lower end of the acceptable range.
But luckily I haven't really had a problem this time (I have done lighterlife before and experienced a few strange turns). Just the odd momments in the past 11 weeks or so.
Good Luck with week one!
Ah thank you everyone for your kind comments, this forum is SO helpful...knowing that I am not alone on my new adventure....I am really enjoying this way of eating compared to other slimming clubs. It is very hard to resist the temptation when I have to cook for the rest of the family. Mrs Essex mini rewards sound good, might have to set myself some. Hope you dont get any dizzy spells this time round Blingbabe.


Mad as a Hatter
Good morning everyone - hope we are all feeling less dizzy and light-headed this morning ? and ready to go great guns today on whichever day you are on..

Catch you guys later - have a good one

Morning Everyone,

Haha Madferret...yes "raring to go" I had the first shake of the day "strawberry" !! No dizziness yet, CDC said that I should start to feel better after day 4 ?? I'm going to meet my friend for "lunch" today with my terra.

Was just wondering my little boy is 4yrs old and is always asking questions (thats how they learn, I guess)...has anyones little darlings asked why you drinking "milkshake"...what do you tell them ??

Hope everyone has a good day !!
Hi GG, Ive got 2 girls, aged 13 and 9 and i worried that they were at such an impressionable age when i started my journey that i even considered not going ahead! I explained to them that the shakes had everything that i needed and these were my meals, it was just like having a mcdonalds but in a carton ( I bloody wish!! ) They accepted this but i think they thought i would be drinking shakes forever so i had to stress that eventually i would be eating normally but healthily.



is back on it...
Im a dizzy one aswell still... my CDC said it is purely dehidration.. but i glug for britain!..

Ah well every cloud........

Ah thats good Jules75 that your girls understand, yes it must be hard dieting with girls especially their age. Lucky enough my DS hasnt asked about my shakes yet. I was sitting in MacDonalds today with the kids with my shake and water :(

ClareyMary, wow you have done so well with your weight loss, what is it like sticking to CD for a few months down the line...this is only my first week.

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