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HELP!!.....I'M STARVIN!!!!!

Karen...well done on getting to day 4 ..:)

You are so very very close to entering ketosis &the huger disappearing ...think distraction, distraction, distraction....drinking coffee & water is good....but get busy...clean the bathroom, hoover - anything...take your mind of eating...you WILL feel so much better real soon ;)

Hang in there hunny! ;)

Debs xx


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keep going karen your nearly there DONT give in now!! keep glugin that water you CAN and WILL do this! good luck...xxx


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well done on getting to day 4 karen! that's fab, as others have said distraction is the key, go for a walk, have a bath, watch a movie, clean, read a book, loads of water and black coffee!! You can do it, keep going!!


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Hang in there Karen!!!! The k fairy will arrive very soon and the hunger will subside :D

If you are struggling to distract yourself then I would have another shake now :)

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thankyou all so much for your replies! The coffee helped I'm not so hungry now. I'm nearly in ketosis but i think the water flavourer is slowing me down a bit, but i'm finding it hard to drink any more than a couple of glasses of plain water every day.
I'm proud of myself for getting to day 4 without a single cheat, you guys are really helping me so thankyou to everyone xx
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Hey hun, I'm on day 4 too and it's always the worst for me! You shouldn't be having water flavouring yet - you're only supposed to have that after week 2... that may be making it even harder for you. I know you said you struggle with the water but maybe try drinking water without it for now and you'll find it easier? You need about 4 pints during the day- I try to have 5 though and break it up into:

1 pint first thing when I get up/during the morning
1 pint at "lunch" time
1 pint mid-afternoon
1 pint around 6pm
1 pint later in the evening

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my cdc didnt say anything about waiting until week 2!
I think i'll try your idea about breaking it up into pints. Thanx x
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you're welcome - I sometimes find that adding ice and drinking it with a straw helps too - something about drinking through a straw makes it disappear quicker!

You should have completed the first 2 weeks on SS before you have water flavourings as it can make it harder for your body to go into ketosis! I'd speak to your CDC about it :)

Keep positve, just fed the family feel ready to eat my baby girl. Had a shake not a lover of water but understand I do need to change my thoughts on this. The benefits of not cheating are of greater reward than that instant satisfaction and an evening of regret.
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I've just ordered pizza for everyone, looking forward to 'smelling' it but i'm not really overly tempted to eat it.
I've just ordered pizza for everyone, looking forward to 'smelling' it but i'm not really overly tempted to eat it.
way to go hun - you are soooo nearly there - don't give in.....

Water flavours (and bars) not really advised until week 3, I'm afraid :( cos can delay onset of ketosis.....maybe give it a break and stick with plain water....

anyhow, you're doin great ! stick with it - the worst is almost over :)

Debz x


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Sorry to hijack the thread a bit.

I am on day three and I havent felt hungry at all since starting.
I think I have more energy than I did before I started, i'm not sure if my breath smells or not so I dont know whether I'm in ketosis or not. I dont have any sticks yet so I cant check, what would you say is happening with me?!

Thank you,

Serena A

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Hi Louise

I would say that if you are following the plan 100% then don't worry too much about whether or not you are in ketosis. You may be one of thise people who doesn't feel it too much either way - I had a carby meal a few weeks back and 3 carb-filled days off over Christmas and both times I geared myself up for the worst when returning to sole source, but didn't feel hungry/headachey from day 1 of getting back on plan.

I sometimes feel too much emphasis is placed on ketosis - yes it's a good place to be as it definitely helps with the diet but ultimately CD is a very low calorie diet, not Atkins :D If you're doing everything as you should then just go with the flow and the ketosis part will take care of itself xx
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Well said Serena- although saying that, ketosis is a vital part of CD as it places your body in a safety zone where it is burning fat and not lean muscle. Also it stops you feeling hungry and makes it easier to stick to the plan. But you're right, it's not ALL about being in ketosis, and certainly isn't something to worry about. If you stick to CD SS 100% you're doing everything right and that's all you need to do!


Serena A

Can't think of a title
S: 14st12lb C: 8st12lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 22.7 Loss: 6st0lb(40.38%)
Exactly my thoughts Wannabe - I know ketosis is integral to CD SS/SS+ but I just feel that sometimes people think it's ok to cheat by eating protein here and there and thinking it's perfectly ok because they're still in ketosis, but lose sight of the fact they are adding lots of calories! One disappointing weigh-in later and they fall completely off the wagon!

Not criticising anyone who has the odd low-carb nibble to keep them on track...whatever works for them of course ;)

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