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Help!!! I'm struggling soooooooo much!!

Hey all!!
I'm new to this forum but have been reading all ur posts and you all seem such a great support for each other!! well done!!
So my story!!!..... I'm 23 with a 2 n a half yr old son have been doing lighter life since 12th feb 2008 did the 14wk foundation no prob and lost 4st 2 1/2lbs then went on to developers my bmi was 45 to start so was guna go for a bmi of 22 1/2 so im in the middle of my bmi for my height!! so moved on to developers and just seem to be struggling soooooooooo much!!! am now just about to go into wk 8 of developers, so far in developers ive lost 1st!! woops just realised how bad that was!!!
I have bin on holiday tho!! I am now down to a bmi of 32 so nearly nearly there but not quite!! now im struggling and just want to eat all the time, its not even tho im goin for healthy options its like shove everything in in site, this is sooo not normal!!
What shall i do? do i go on to maintance? or carry on and how???
I'm soooo sorry to talk about food,
Thanks guys.xxxx
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hello, ihave done a vlcd ( cambridge and it worked for me but i reached a point where i could no longer not eat, and it took me a long long time to accept that loosing 2-4 pounds a week is the normal i need... i was binging and vlcd binging then vlcd i made myself pooorly and afffected my outlook of food... ive recently joined slimming world with 2 1/2 stone to loose ive lost 3.5 pound in my first week and im doing well i havent needed to binge or eat chocolate... i think if you can stick with it stick with it but if you can i would consider a change do not get into the habit of binge and vlcd it is a viscious cycle i wouldnt recommend. Im 24 and i want to be well in control of my eating habits because it just isnt a life outlook :p.... il cross my fingers for you and hope you can perservere :D Amy x
hi angel,

welcome to the forum, im sure ul find it a great support like i do :) iv been on LL for 5 weeks so im a long way off where u r but advice id like to offer u is this.....

i used to be 18st, i lost a few stone with healthy eating b4 hitting a brick wall, i then joined LL at 15st 3lb 5 wks ago. i feel like iv been on a diet forever but what keeps me going is knowing that the journey i have left is only a fraction of the distance iv already travelled. u have come so far as im sure u know, just keep looking forward and focus your mind into a new way of life. i know that is so much easier said than done but u can do this, just take it a step at a time and ul b so proud of yourself with each step u achieve. i hope iv helped. well done and good luck xx
hey!!! Thank you for your lovely replies!!!
I can see what your saying binging is very dangerous!! I feel i need to keep goin as when i started i promised id see my way through it and that i think i know that if i come off i i wont be able to go bk on it again!! so I would really really like to keep goin I think i may have to re read my foundation book and c where im goin rong!!!
I think im anoyed with my self as i seem to only have lost 1st in 8 weeks and the amount im payin makes me feel sad!! I just need to try and re focus!!!hehe
good for u jenni :) your sounding more positive already. 1 stone in 8 wks may not be what u hoped for but its still a great loss, 1 stone on would have been so much worse so u have done well to have lost that stone. sometimes just a bit of support is all it takes :) xx

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