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Help!! I'm stuck!!

I am really struggling with shifting this last 14 pounds and just can't seem to get focused. I am supposed to be on (1000cal CD plan). I have stopped writing my food diary, and weighing myself everyday (that helped me focus on what to eat during the day and not to overeat). Despite coming on this wonderful forum from where in the past I have gained support and inspiration I just feel flat and as if I am not destined to lose anymore weight. Part of me just wants to go on a huge binge yet my common sense tells me that will not help. What can I do get inspired and re-focused on losing this next 14 pounds?
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I dont have any advice hun,Im still on ss but you have done so well it would be a shame to stop now when you are so close to the finish line.
You can do it.xx


A pound at a time
Susan's right. It's very true that the last few pounds are not easy to come off and the closer you get to goal the harder it is to stick to it. You've come a long way though. 19 weeks. You owe it to yourself to get to your goal to make those 19 weeks worth while. Come on now, give cd your last heave ho.
Thanks Susan. You are right I am so close to the finish line I shouldn't lose sight of that. I guess the loss is slower now and the fact I am not in my usual routine of being at work I am out of sorts. Once this week is over I will be in my usual routine again so we see how I go.
Hi hun,

I know exactly how you feel I have just over 14lbs to get to goal and I think because that initial urgency is not there anymore I find it easier to cheat. I am back on day 1 now going to do a week of SS then up it before I go away on 10th Sep. I'm here for support if you need it.


getting slimmer

youve got to just stay focused hun, and remember why you want to do this.

another few weeks isnt really much, in the rest of your life.

you can do this and you know you can. just gotta be strong and focused.

you have done SO well already and been on cd for such a long time it would be such a shame to lose focus now.

if you think you really cant to do, would it be better for you to swap to ww or something simular to get the last stone off.

what ever you do, be happy and proud of yourself!

you deserve to be after loosing all that weight.

good luck!! x
Gemma, Maria thanks for your posts. I seriously do feel much better already. I am glad I posted rather than wallowed in astate of dispair. Will let you know how I do. I think I will tackle 7 pounds and then the next 7 that way a stone won't seem to huge a challenge.

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