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help in pain.............1200 plan


Doing Slimming World
I'm not on it anymore, but I did start on it and did it for a while as per my sig.
am i right in thinking i can eat anything(within reason), just as long as its in 1200.
what sort of meals were you eating.
i`ve also noticed that real hunger is soooooooooo painful, gonna try and time my meals right as not to get hungry.
i`m in pain when hungry and then 20mins after eating i`m in pain again.
the stomach cramps are unbelievable, feels like i`m in labour.....lol
have to go back to work tom, any one have any ideas about stopping this pain, or whats causing it
thought i`d post what i`ve eaten so far:
b= porridge & bit of dried fruit
sn= cd bar
sn= apple
l= sml bowl chilli soup & slice of granary bread
sn= 2 sml oatcakes & ww yoghurt
so far it adds up to 920 cals, will prob have crispbread & cottage cheese or banana toast for dinner & then a shake.
could it be too many carbs too soon? i don't know, i am just guessing but i remember when i came off cd suddenly (without following the steps) last time and ate normally my digestion went haywire and very painful.

someone with more knowledge will be along soon


Serena's title didn't fit

Maybe try eating easily digestible foods that are low in carbs? Like white fish, eggs? Might easy your pain.. your digestion needs to wake up.. maybe it's waking up too slow/fast and that's causing you pain?

I really don't know any of this for sure, just.. saying what seems to be helpful,

Good luck hon!!
thanks, my cdc says i`ve got to eat carbs, as i`m doing a 10k run next sunday and need a week with carbs to build up stores???
maybe i`ll slowly build up to the carbs??


Serena's title didn't fit

Yes I think that could be a good idea. I'm not a carb-pro but if you increase it with 2-3grams per day ?? until then (don't know if you have a max?)

Might ease your pain if your body gets used to it slowly!

I hope you'll feel better soon,

xx Lostris


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Try doing it low GI. That way you're eating slow release carbs, so shouldn't be hungry as quickly.


Getting there slowly ...
Hi There - I am new to the site. 5 weeks into CD and doing well (29lbs) so far. Reading these posts is fabulous because I am learning so much about VLCD's. Last year I did LL and stopped after 68 lbs to go on holiday and never got properly back on track. Our LLC didn't really give us an awful lot of information to be honest, for example I learned about ketosis on another site after months into the diet - we did pee on sticks at the class and she looked at them and told us whether we were drinking enough water or not - with no explanation, so we thought that was all there was to it. The whole time I was on holiday I suffered from stomach cramps and constipation and I think I have just found the reason why in this post. I didn't eat overly much, but what I was eating probably had way too many carbs. Will be careful this time.


Getting there slowly ...
Hi Andju, I'm also great on ss, to be honest feel better than at any other time - it was when I started eating that was the problem. I suppose (well I know) I was having small portions of whatever I fancied, and as a veggie there was probably lots of dairy involved though I cannot remember for sure - certainly carbs, and with no lead up. We are going away on 3rd January, so I am thinking that maybe this time I can live on cottage cheese salads for a week :) That won't be such a hardship as long as I can have one glass of Chardonnay (I am dreaming about this ! ).

Has anyone had hair and nail problems while on the diet?

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