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Help, in work


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Hi Nikki

You can do it!!!! I know you were dreading work, but just think, once you've got through today, the next time you go you can think, well I've done it before so I can do it again.

Thinking of you and sending you full tummy feeling thoughts.



Busy busy busy!!
Tell yourself you are not really hungry!! You should be in ketosis now - which is why you feel cold! Think you are burning FAT!!!

Hot drinks help me - as does brushing my teeth or minty sugar free gum.

Oh and keep busy!

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Oh my gosh Poohbear I am exactly the same as you.

At home the diet is a doddle for me but work seems to be a killer even though there aren't any tempatations such as vending machines etc.

Saying that though, the boys have just had chips for dinner and the smell was driving me mad :( thank god they're finished!


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Nikki, its just your chaterbox playing up,When that happens to me, in my head I tell it to "Pee off". I know it sounds mad but it doeswork. Its all in your head,tell it in no uncertain terms to go away.
I've been training for three years partime as a counsellor, two years still to go, and I was telling my tutor about telling it to go away, and she laughed and said I'm using Cognitive therapy on myself So its officially accepted within the counselling world to tell it to b***er off! LOL


Longing 2 b a yummy mummy
Thanks, I made it through the day... think tomorrow will be easier (i hope)... was fine after my frozen banana tetra!!

Thank you for all your nice comments to get me through...


yummy mummy

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its really hard butyou will be fine. how long have you been doing cd for?when i first tryed to do cd in november i was working in mc donalds so i gave in after 1 day but now im in part time admin work and spendthe rest of the time at home. not to bad now and am doing really well x x x