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help is it just me

Since starting Sw last monday i have been on a real buzz trip and been very good and starting to feel better about myself and think that maybe one day I will shed this burden my weight. Was feeling so good decided to go and get a few beauty treatments and have my hair blow dried something I would have never bothered much with before that was friday and saturday but today I just feel so low and drained and dont know why.
No motivations whatsoever. Did anyone else feel like this in there first week or is it just me
thanks xx
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I feel the same too hun :) This week I straightened my hair..twice! And <drumroll> I wore MAKEUP!! lol
I've totally cleaned out every inch of the kids rooms and tackled the dreaded cupboard under the stairs too.
I think it's because I feel good about taking the first positive steps towards a new me :) Then today I feel so tired and incredibly snappy!I think my body is starting to notice the lack of sugar I usually get from the 2 or 3 red bulls/cokes I used to have every day or something.I'm hoping it's a phase that'll pass once my body adjusts xxx
Thanks very much Hayley now at least now i know its not just me i couldnt understand it i was the same taking time to straighten my hair and wear make up and really started taking an interest in myself again but today just felt crap never even thought about the sugar lol
tomorrow is my first WI so that might have something to do with it to i suppose
thanks again and good luck for the rest of the week xxx
Thanks :D Good luck at weigh in xx


Is so doing it this time
Hey there Mistysmummy we have the same start weight and height!!! ;) And yes I know where you coming from too.... we all get days like that hun, life happens and gets in the way..... I felt that way I kept thinking I've got so far to go, whats the point but then I try and remind myself why I want to do this. Try and remind yourself why you started your journey and where you want to go. Maybe set yourself mini goals. Perhaps save up treats for each stone you lose.... it will give you something to look forward to and aim for. I am ;) I want another Pandora bracelet!!!

And what Hayleyberrybenj said is right your body is prob just getting used to the changes and feels confuzzled!

Give exercise a go as well, maybe go for a brisk walk, its releases feel good hormones. Or watch a funny film or meet up with friends and LAUGH its good for you and will lift your spirits and remember we're all here too!

Hope you feel more cheerful soon hun, remember your beautiful and your worth fighting for.... now go dance to some music..... I'll do it with you ;) :D ;) xxx


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I am ;) I want another Pandora bracelet!!!
oooo I make and sell Pandora bracelets, not the original ones though but they are just as nice x
Awww, thankyou :) SW really works for me, makes me very focused and determined to do it. Its so easy and a way of eating that you can use for life - I really couldnt be happier with my choice. Hope you have great success on your SW journey too, you certainly got off to a great start!
Minx I dont think I have ever felt so determined to shift the weight as i do now, and this site is a godsend its helping me loads and the people have been so friendly and supportive and real stars xx
I am indeed Vida was just the boost i needed and i like your signature know exactly how you feel about shopping theres shops i walk past and just say no point looking thats the skinny shops lol
And good luck for your first WI xx
Minx I dont think I have ever felt so determined to shift the weight as i do now, and this site is a godsend its helping me loads and the people have been so friendly and supportive and real stars xx
It is a fantastic forum. I dont think there is anything that comes close to the level of support you get on this forum anywhere else on the internet - its like having a SW group in your own living room and you dont have to get shushed if you talk over the Image Therapy :D I would go as far as to say that the support here FAR outweighs the support you get from group, but the group DOES serve its purpose in keeping you on track and focussed too.

Anyway, super well done again for your great first loss, and keep up the good work! :D
Minx I have to agree with all you said, when I started group last week was nervous as hell going on my own but 1 lady called me over and made me feel really welcome and gave me loads of tips and she was really supportive last night too and thats exactly how i feel every time i log on here
Well done on a fab first week hun!My WI is 2mro I forgot how nervous I get before them :p

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