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help,its bad!

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my mumcame round today,and told me i had bad breathe!:(
i brush twice a day,and have never had this before,so it must be the diet! my bro in law gets it when hes on lipotrim but he told me i cant use chewing gum or anything!(not that i have been) but i cant stand the thought of this for months! what can be done?
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You can try mouth wash and spray and people on here have talked about mint strips from the chemist that melt in your mouth . you could chew sugar free gum and then spit it out after a few mins .


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floss all your teeth, also get one of thos tongue scrapers and inbetween teeth scrapers,
use them, (as they ensure that no plague is in your mouth at all)
then brush your teeth and gargle with mouth wash.
your breath will be fantastic.
trust me but you must do all.
and make sure that you floss every day.
and do the extra steps at 2 times a weeks.


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No sugar free gum for us I'm afraid. I've found drinking more water keeps your breath fresher. I also use the listerine strips when needed. Also you could always carry around a mini bottle of listerine mouthwash for emergencies.
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Black coffee makes your breath stink when your NOT on LT, I just drink plenty of water, nothing else really, and my OH hasn't complained at all, but then I brush teeth and tongue and floss several times a day......


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I find brushing my tongue helps a LOT!
hi i use dentyl mouthwash as theres no alcohol in it.


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Brush your teeth and tongue a few times a day, drink plenty of water, and buy some listerine strips.

I found the bad breath went after about a month.
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Can you tell me where to get these listerine strips from, I have looked in boots and tesco and cant see them, will they be with the bottles of mouthwash or am I on th ewrong aisle?


A little of everything!
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They're pretty hard to find. I got mine at my local 'Savers' chemist, and they're on Ebay too. They might be easier found at smaller chemists? In the mouthwash/toothpaste section.


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Drinking pleanty of water defo helps and I have a little bottle of listerine in my bag to use at work. Unfortunately it is a by product of the ketones created from being in ketosis which is how the diet works so just have to learn to live with it for a while.

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