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Why does this always bl..dy happen. I have started back at WW with a clean slate 4 weeks ago and have lost 9lb so far. Of course, this week being TOTM and full of a cold, I have just eaten everything in sight and constantly feel hungry. :sigh::sigh::sigh:
I get soooooooooooo annoyed with myself and then it turns into a vicious circle where I just eat, feel bad, eat etc etc. Help me before its too late. :cry::cry::cry:
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Right the most important thing to do is put that mars bar down! lol
Look it happens to all us ladies. unfourtunatly you cant sto[p it from happening.

Draw a line in the sand... and start fresh 2 moro.

try having some zero point soup on hand, or some raw veggies or even some fruit at hand this time next month if you know this is what happen at that TOTM.
Dont be hard on yourself its just a little slip - totm is always a challenge and its important to be nice to yourself. Just get back on track and you will be feeling great again by this time tomorrow - I find going for a walk always helps me to draw the line and start afresh.
I completley agree with Kissme's comments above..we have all done it and understand it is that much more difficult when you are feeling poorly or at TOTM..unfortunately for you, they have both come at the same time :-(..so dont give urself too hard a time. Dust urself and start a clean slate from tomorrow..it is only Tuesday afterall so you are pretty much at the start of the week, hopefully you will have time to make up for it by eating lots of veg and fruit, if you can maybe do some extra exercise. When is your weigh in day hun?? You never know, it may even itself out..remain positive and keep at it..if you do STS or gain a little this week..move on and give it your all next week! Lots of luck sweet x

Well know you know the TOTM causes you to be naughty you can point for it a few days before its due and then enjoy the munchies within your allowance ;-)

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