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help! ive taken dulcoease is that ok?


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Ive taken dulcoease today I just had to take something to make me go! if you know what I mean.. senokot just didnt move it .. Ive had to stand up all day, good job I was in class I just hope it mess with my LT diet :confused::confused:

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no worries if you took 2 get ready to be emptied
sorry thought it read dulcolax. ooops! Dulcoease are fine I was on three a day and they worked fine

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hey louise, it should be fine, but i hope you didnt take 2 :eek: I did this once and felt like my tummy was gonna explode bang on 6 hours after taking them. x x x x
now im not sure what you mean were they ease or lax???


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thankyou xx I had to take them without checking, so glad im still on LT :)


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OMG Ive taken 3 !!!!!!! (they are ease)
3 what ease or lax
DULCOEASE 3 a day and DULCOLAX 1 a day initially, just before bed
I thought i was confused before :) ive taken 3 DULCOEASE throughout the day, I think I will be ok we have two toilets in our house, kids and him will have to use upstairs lol
dulco ease dont make you poo they are a stool softener you will be finex
thanks x
They helped me and I've been bunged for 4 months!!!!!!!!! Please say it was 3 as in 1 with each shake not all at once:eek:!!!!
T x
P.S., little hint, don't go out till you've gone!

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