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Help me, I am so hungry!!!


Plod, plod, plod.....
I've had my 2 CD meals and am so hungry but if I have the last one there'll be too long an evening.
I've drunk tea and had a pint of water but I'm starving!!! :cry:This hasn't happened to me before, I've not been hungry. Help !!!! :eek: Why do I feel like this?
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I haven`t tried it myself yet, but how about splitting a sachet??

Seems to work for some. I do know that awful feeling, had it last night and almost chewed the dogs leg off !!!!!!!!!!
I was the same last night as well. It was horrible. I split the packs quite often, I find the best ones are the soups. I half them and then really water them down so they still take a while to drink/eat. I always drink them like a cup a soup.

Are you able to get out the house or have a bath. I had to go to bed last night I was close to tears.
I would have an extra pack if I was you, I have been doing SS+ as I wouldn't have been able to survive on just 3 packs a day. I have had days when I've felt really hungry and ended up having my packs earlier in the day and having an early night!!!
I would have half a pack now and see how you feel. This leaves you with another half to have a bit later. If after that you are still really hungry have a 4th pack.

Do you have any extra packs? It may be worth buying one or two extra a week to give yourself the option of having 4 on hungry days.

In my opinion this would be better than going down the protien route



Plod, plod, plod.....
Oh thankyou, thankyou, thankyou.
I went out to......shut up the geese, and the ducks and hens......... Feed the horse - her food looked soooooo tasty!!!!
Lit a bonfire and watched the full moon sit on the horizon with the sheep walking in front of it - amazing ! If only the girls hadn't taken the camera......
I shall take your advice and split my meal and if I'm still desperate have another later.
I'm so glad that some of you told me that you have all felt the same - I thought that the ketosis meant that I wouldn't feel hungry - I haven't before. I wondered what was happening and panicked incase it all stopped working!
Jackie, I am south of the river, not far from Ludlow.


Plod, plod, plod.....
I must be a bit thick and I have looked, but how do you put all that information under the line at the bottom of each message? Weight loss and so on?
I must be a bit thick and I have looked, but how do you put all that information under the line at the bottom of each message? Weight loss and so on?
go to user cp and edit signature. x


Plod, plod, plod.....
Thanks Stargirl, I've done it now. Just one more thing please - When I look at a thread how do I go back to the main CD 100% bit? If I press the back button I just go back through the all pages, there must be a way - but I've looked and can't see it.
Sorry to be so dim.....:eek:



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I can't see it on this thread :sigh: sorry, where is it please?


Plod, plod, plod.....
Oh no, so sorry, just found it !:d'oh:

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