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help me ladies, on the edge



Silver Member
Dont do it!!

You will only be angry with yourself and feel rubbish if you do!

Just think how you will feel when you get on the scales and see a loss, will eating those biscuits make you feel like that?
throw the digestives away! don't do it.

You know Exante can help you reach your goal, have some water, or some chicken if you really need to eat something, but don't sabotage yourself, especially so early. Stick with it, and in another day or so you should be in ketosis and start seeing those pounds melt away.

Good luck xx


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Absolutely not.Especially in the early days minimins is an absolute life- saver :)rolleyes: poss being wee bit dramatic there!) and keeps me away from temptation.Could you read through some posts, do window shopping for "skinny clothes", paint your nails or do something else to distract yourself from those biccies.Hope it will pass xx


Skinny girl in a fat body
For 10 seconds you will adore the taste in your mouth of the biscuit. But for days after you will regret every single one of those seconds, I know, I have been there. DON'T DO IT
Stop torturing yourself - put the bliddy things in the wheelie bin

Hope the moment is passing - keep distracting yourself and dont cave in!
those horrible biscuits are now firmly in the bin with copious amounts of washing up liquid squirted on! what a fantastic tip.

i feel a million times better now, i would've felt ***** if had eaten them buti didn't!! thank you so much :) it is so lovely to know that there's this support network on here.

i hate the first three days :( i'm going to bed with a book. DAY TWO DONE! the relief :)

hope everyone else did well today xx


Skinny girl in a fat body
Well done you x
Well done for resisting - next time you get the urge try to emember how good you felt after you threw the biscuits out and didn't cave in - that will make resisting easier - should get better each time - or at least you get more used to dealing with it.

Hope you have a great weekend, then you will almost be up to end of week 1.

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